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    I have been an LPN for about 5 years. Slowly but surely I have taken the classes needed to complete my degree but I pay cash for them. Right now as an lpn my income is around 44,000 a year. If I were to take a ton of loans just to make a little more money.....look at the extra made each month vs what the loan payment would be.

    Maybe if you stayed at your the ADN then worked at a hospital where you could get tuition assistance for the RN-BSN that would make more financial sense?

    The last thing you want to do in todays economy is start your new career in debt. I don't know what area you are in but in the Philadelphia region girls are coming out with their BSN and can not get jobs....because they have no exp and they have loans to pay. Some of them have gotten pool positions in long term care. (not exactly what they aspired to be)

    Just a thought....I would never encourage anyone to go into debt for school.