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    I really thought that the kaplan course helped me pass it gave me the tools to succeed- tons of questions. Also, they teach you HOW to take the test & in my opinion thats the most important part. Yea, obviously you needed to know the info about diseases & meds & all that, but it helps a lot to know how to approach a question. ie, do you need more assessment data? yes? then you can cancel out the options that are interventions.
    ALthough it was costly, Id without a doubt do it again.

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    I just graduated from an ADN program too & I enrolled in a rn-bsn online course. I don't find it nearly as time consuming or difficult as the 2 year program - that was just insane.

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    Hey guys! I'm also a brand new nurse on the med surg unit & i'm already feeling overwhelmed! In nursing school we never did much w/ the Md orders and test results, etc. so I feel way out of it. i just hope it gets easier. This is only my first week but i feel like I should know it now, I don't want to wait to aquire all the time management skills I need.
    I feel like maybe this is just too much to handle, but then again I keep telling myself if everyone else did it, then i can too i guess?
    Any advice?

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    yea, I'm not looking forward to those two either - I decided to take community health by itself for my last semester just because i've read that it was hard.

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    Quote from Booty Nurse
    Dang straight I study! I read everything that is assigned. I have found the SRU quizzes and tests fairly easy. Writing papers is a lot more work, and the group assignments are a real pain because everyone is geographically separated. I have worked my butt off in some of my classes to earn A's. I'm just taking one class at a time so I don't feel overwhelmed with school/work/motherhood.

    What classes are you taking this semester? I'm taking 408: Nursing Care Delivery in a Managed Care Environment.
    okay thanks haha. i'm taking health assessment, transitions, & informatics. They don't seem too bad - transitions is just writing papers & informatics is just quizzes & db's.
    I do all the reading & that, I just didn't know if I needed to do more or something.
    What have you found to be the most difficult courses??

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    Quote from Booty Nurse
    I'm currently in the RN-BSN program at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, and my experience has generally been good (there was one lousy professor). It's NLN-accredited, inexpensive (~$800 per 3-credit class), has no travel requirement to PA, and has fewer general education requirements than many other programs. I would highly recommend it.
    SRU Nursing link
    bootynurse- i know this post was from a while ago but I am currently in the sru online rn-bsn program and I'm having difficulty feeling everything out? Did you actaully sit down and study or just kinda read as you took the tests? I've taken other online classes before & they were all a joke - like you didn't have to do anything. Any tips are appreciated!