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    When I was a nursing student last year I hooked up with one of the staff nurses I met during OB clinical...she didnt mind too much that I was a "male" nurse....However, I always feel kind of weird telling girls I'm a nurse..but..I have found that most girls really don't care if they think you are cute.....other girls think its cool...and then you have the ones that aren't too impressed. Babes in the health care field are probably more understanding than others because male nurses aren't anything out of the oridinary.....

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    this is a quote from Batman Begins.

    Alfred to Batman: Why do we fall down?? To pick ourselves back up.

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    I passed the NCLEX my first time in 75 questions. I was not the best nursing student some A's, mostly B's and 1 C. I began consistently doing practice questions about a month before the exam and half-hearted at best, it wasn't until 6 days before the test that I kicked it into high gear.

    I tried to do Suzanne's plan earlier in the summer which consisted of reading the whole Saunder's book and answering every question. Lets just say I burnt out at around chapter 14 (out of an 80 chapter text). Her plan is probably great and helps many people pass but it just wasn't for someone as ADD as me. '

    I decided to sign up for the complete online course at Kaplan which gives you access to everything except the 10 class session. I didn't follow the syllabus or even read the whole Kaplan book; I started with the diagnostic test (which I got a 50% on) and then began doing at least 50-100 questions from the qbank every day (my cumulatively average was 66%). I liked the qbank because it explains the answer choices to you. MAKE SURE TO REVIEW YOUR TESTS!!! I did eventually do the question trainers but by the fourth one I realized it was a waste of time because the questions were so hard. Overall I probably did around 2000 review questions the whole summer.

    However, in the final 6 days before the exam I began doing the content review from Kaplan, its an online lecture of nursing professors reviewing the content and highlighting the parts that NCLEX likes to test. I used it in the areas I was weak in and I skipped it in areas I was stronger in. Also Kaplan has a question review where there is a videotaped lecture of a professor going over NCLEX style questions and explaining how to answer the question and why each answer was right. Again, only really spend your time in areas you are weak in, don't review questions that you consistently get right. I did not follow the Kaplan strategy too intensely during the test, I honestly hardly thought about it while i was in the room.

    This is what worked for me, it probably wont work for the majority of people, but I was the type of student that always waited to the last minute to get things done, so if you are like me this may help.

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    I took the test today for the first time, I had 75 questions and then it shut off. I had two calculations a bunch of SATA a lot of meds and some priority. I'm not feeling too confident that I passed but I guess thats the way many people feel after they take the test. I felt that I could narrow down most of the questions to two answers. Hopefully Ill find out soon. Good luck!