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    Quote from vonte'
    hello everyone i'm taking my exam in june too and i think i'm not yet prepared. i'm not sure if i'm using the right material to study. i'm presently doing the nclex 3000 cd but i think i need more practise on sata, priority, delegation and drag and drop questions. does anyone know any good book to approach those questions? thanks in advance.
    check out pearls of wisdom by mc graw medical its great

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    Count me in too, although I scheduled the exam on the 24 of June and I have less than a month
    I have the second edition of Pearls of Wisdon and I find it very usefull, its from Mc graw medical and it has more than 2800 questions and facts mostly asked on the NCLEX

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    hi I scheduled my exam in June and I am so scared.
    I have a book called PEARLS of WISDOM by MC GRaw medical and it has more than 2800 rapid fire questions and i find it very usefull