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    Quote from Rswilson
    I work 5, 12's a week and have wondered if going into IT would be worth considering ! LOL
    Since I work in IT, and am considering nursing, I am extremely interested in why you feel IT would be more appealing than nursing. Maybe we can help answer each other's questions?

    I work 8-9 hours per day, M-F in a smaller IT shop. Luckily I don't have any weekend or off-hours support. Depending on your IT job, you normally have to be on-call atleast part of the time (anywhere from every other week to one week every other month) where you might not get not get called at all or you might not sleep for a couple days. I have seen the extremes of both spectrums.

    For me, the 3 12's is what appeals to me the most, and also feel I'll find nursing to be much more meaningful than staring at a computer screen all day where you cannot see how your work really benefits anyone sometimes. As for you, I'm not sure exactly what makes you want to switch, but any job where you work 5 12's is bound to cause some form of burnout. Maybe you just need to reduce your workload or take a short break. Trust me, if you were working 60 hours per week in IT you would not like it either. And IT is normally salary so 20 of those hours would be unpaid.

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    Quote from timn420
    I'm considering enrolling in a nursing program after being a developer in IT the last 10 years. This comes after a lot of soul searching about 'what I want to do with my life'. One of the reasons that draws me to nursing is the flexible hours. I
    hate working 8-5 with only 2 days off. I hardly have anytime to enjoy 'life'.

    Going into nursing would allow me to work 3 12-hour shifts and give me time to pursue my hobbies like painting and photography.
    I was just wondering if this thinking is valid. Do you enjoy having the opportunity to work 12 hour shifts? Is this one of the reasons
    to get into nursing?
    Timn420 -- I am in the same boat as you. I have been working in IT as a programmer for the last 6-7 years now, and just do not feel that is the right career for me, for almost the same reasons. Not only do I hate the 8-5 with only 2 days off, but I also just don't find much meaning in what I am currently doing. Not only do I think I would find nursing to be a more meaningful and rewarding job, but the 3 12-hours shifts and similar pay to what I am receiving now would greatly improve my life satisfacation as well. I used to work in a factory, 4 12-hour shifts in a row, followed by 4 days off. Although the factory work wasn't the greatest, I loved the schedule. All throughout college I condensed my class schedule so I could have every friday and most mondays off. That is just how i prefer to live my life. I'd rather work extra hard a few days per week, and only have to work 150 days per year, and have 215 days off, as opposed to my current schedule where I have to work around 250 days per year and only get 115 days off.

    I have also heard nurses get around 6 weeks of vacation per year, as opposed to my current 2-3, which is also very appealing to me, can anyone confirm their vacation time?

    Any more comments from nurses out there on both of our situations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!