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    I have worked for Mercy for 6 years and while ever hospital has its problems, mercy is a really great place to work. We are about to switch over to the EPIC software so that is why they are offering so many contract positions so while the current nurses are trainning the contract nurse can cover. The ratio is 5-6 but at night I have taken as many as 7 pts on the floor. what unit did you sign with or do you know yet? welcome to the mercy family If you have any other questions feel free to ask me see ya soon

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    I have worked at mercy for 5 years now and yes it is a great place to work and yes we are short no matter what our recruiters say... haha. I can only give you one good piece of advise find out where you want to work medsurg, ortho, family birthplace, ect..... and then go there ask for the nurse manager find out her name (I say her only because all of them are females lol) and talk her about yourself. Trust me there is not a floor that is not hurting for nurses right now. hope this helps pm if you have more questions!

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    Quote from capeellyn
    What do you think about the Exam Cram? Is it only downloadable? I'm taking my NClex-PN on 7/21... :behindpc: - Ellyn
    I will tell ya when i pass how good it is. :chuckle but i do like it so far.

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    well I am just another worried PN about to take the NCLEX. I am scheduled to take it July 3. My question is I have been using this examcram book and I have passed all the test on the CD with flying colors (so far lol). I am just a little worried about being over confident, going into this dreadfull thing. Anyone else use the examforce examcram book? thanks all

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    well I am dating a female Audiologist. i tell ya if she says yes lol