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    We orientated all last week in the nursing theory course. We do not have actual clinicals until April. The pre-req classes were pretty decent. The instructors are for the most part great. Everyone has their own experience. What I like is that they understand that the students attending Troy-Mont. are for the most part in the work force. So you dont see many instructors giving long assignments or papers.

    From attending orientation last week across the street @ the school of nursing, I get the feeling that they really dont care if you work or not, they lay it on thick. But I knew that before going across the street, so I will make the best of it.

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    Funny....... I just did orientation this past week, and the peds instructor came up in conversation. Maybe the instructor will change in the next year, I can only hope.

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    Im at Troy-Montgomery. I'm in my first clinical course now. I picked Troy for the 2 yr program vs. 4 years at AUM. I will still pursue my BSN, but I will be able to license after 2 years where I am at now.

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    Wondering if anyone has got a letter yet. It just seems like forever, I applied back in January. I talked with the SON, and they said end of June, so I hope they come soon!