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    Quote from ZAR963
    So I know all about the Trimester versus Basic programs and that its a lottery system of who gets in, but I'm unclear on how one goes about doing it...

    Is everyone automatically a candidate for the trimester program, or is it only for those who request to be candidates for the lottery for the trimester program?

    I just want to consider my options, I might have quite a bit of GE left to do and I might like to do the basic option instead. Is it just luck which one I get into, or would I have the option of not being a candidate for the trimester program?

    Thanks for the help
    HEY there...i was just reading this post out of the blue....i can exactly explain ur question as i just went to the orientation for the Spring 2009 and i know how its done..

    basically at the start of the orientation they gave us a little index card which had our name and 2 options, trimester and basic on it so we have to "x" out the one we primary choice and give it to them and in a couple of hours...through the break they sort out the two options and they usually equalize by putting some extras into basic - if there were more people who checked out trimester...

    so what im trying to say is that MOST upto 95% of the time what you want - YOU GET...and only very few of the students get shifted. which in my case the orientation i went to, only 4 students got pushed...they had trimester as their primary choice but they got moved to basic...

    i think they make a list of some kind and figure it out..not really sure how they do it...

    I hope the blubber on top makes at least some sense...sorry if it dint...ill be glad to explain...


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    Quote from ZAR963
    Thanks Crissy

    I didn't know that you would hear back from them so soon. The website says that they send notifications the 4th week of November. Thats why I was worried about the CSU deadline, because by the time I knew if i was in or not, if i was not, it'd be past the deadline to reapply to the CSU. Thanks

    And the only thing about enrolling in a class is that I live in northern california and I wouldn't move down there unless I knew I was accepted into the nursing program.

    Anyways, we'll see how it goes

    Good Luck! Did you decide to attend CSULB? Or did you get accepted somewhere else?
    Hey no big deal....good luck with the application

    well i dont know wat u mean by decided to attend CSULB or i got accepted somewhere else...

    I wanted to get into the Cal state long beach nursing program...i had all my grades...i applied to the university immediatley sent out transcripts and application..and i Got accepted into the cal stat long beach nursing program for spring 2009...i start the nursing program IN spring...

    jus keep ur grades up....and im sure u'll get in...its all that matter...grades....and ur TEAS....


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    Quote from ZAR963
    Okay I have a question I'm not sure any of you will be able to answer..

    So, I figured if i do micro and stats over the summer, I'll be able to apply for Spring 2010 instead of Fall. My question is, if I do not get accepted not the nursing program, I will want to apply again for Fall, but the application deadline for fall admission to the CSU is November 30th, and I'm not sure if I'll have gotten my letter of denial or acceptance for Spring semester to know whether or not to apply again.

    So, I'm assuming I'll get accepted into the university either way, but if I don't get accepted to the NS the first time around, by the time I find out I have not been accepted, it will be to late to apply to the university.

    So what do I do if this happens. If the first time I apply, and I do get into the CSU and not the NS, will it cross over to the Fall semester? Because it'll be to late to apply again, once i've heard from the nursing program.

    Sorry if I repeated myself a lot, I was trying to word it in a way that would make sense, so I don tknow if you got it.

    Thanks for the help though.
    Firstly i don't think you should worry about getting to know if you're accepted or not...i got accepted into the Nursing program for Spring 2009 and i got to know the decision Oct 15 the very same day they made the if the deadline for application is Nov 30 I'm quiet sure u have ample time to make all the preparations...

    here is one thing u could do...u can apply for spring and then call them after u applied and check when they make the decision and then call back to c if you've been accepted or not accepted...u would receive and email if you've been accepted so don't worry...and den apply for fall if necessary...

    but for the application to the university i dont know....most of the campuses under CSU have a rule like if u dont do any courses the semester you have been enrolled for then you're admission will get cancelled and you will have to apply again...but i might also b just in case...JUST IN CASE...u dont get accepted to the program at least register for 1 course and do it, if you really think u can get accepted into the nursing program....

    good luck....n take care...

    hope this helped...


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    Quote from ZAR963
    Also, I saw in another thread that Long Beach Memorial pays their new grad nurses about 28.50. This was about a year ago, so it may have changed some, but its probably in the same ballpark. Its not that great, but its also a REALLY good hospital, everyone seems to love it.
    thanks alot, so $28.50 an hour? this is after you finished the degree right. when do u actually start your 2 years contract at lbmmc, is it after you finish the nclex or immediately after your done with school (after last semester)


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    Quote from SummerC
    Since I am contracted with LBMMC, I get a 'stipend' for each semester to cover books/tuition/etc.. It is $3500 a semster, WITH taxes taken out. So yeah. But I do owe them two years of my time when I graduate so that is the other part.
    thanks alot for replying, so your saying that when youre doing the classes for BSN, LBMMC pays $3500 for each semester. is that enough for covering the costs? does anything remain after paying the costs?


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    Quote from ZAR963
    Can anyone who got accepted to CSULB tell me what your resume looked like when you were accepted? GPA, Teas Scores, Prereq Scores, etc? I'm planning on applying to the program for Fall 2010 and I will still have Physiology in progress when I apply (but everything else completed). Does it make a huge difference if you have a course in progress? I know they count it as a C. I'm just wondering what my chances are of getting in, i know its really competetive, but then again they let in 90 students per semester which is pretty good for a CSU.

    Thanks for the help!!
    Hey i just got accepted for the spring 09 BSN prog, so here goes...i basically had good academic standing...nothing apart from that....had 3.85 gpa, my science gpa was 4.0, and my Teas which i did bad was 81.2

    i had noo volunteer or clinical experience..but as u know i still got accepted.

    i drove myself to finish all the pre-req in the summer to finish it...i put in my whole summer (as in a spring/fall full time sem) it was horrible glad i did it cause i got into the program

    i would suggest you to finish the pre-reqs before applying. and finally all the very best.


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    Quote from SummerC
    I am in the program right now, finishing my last semester. I love the program here. There are awesome clinical and lecture teachers, with a few duds, but that's always expected.

    The school partners with Long Beach Memorial and other hospitals in the area. If you want, you can sign a contract with Long Beach Memorial so that they pay your tuition/books and you can work for them two years after. It is what I did and I am very happy with my decision, as working there for two years right after graduation will be a good transition.

    Let me know if you want any specifics!
    how is your pay for those two jus curious as ive been accepted for the BSN that starts in spring 09.....

    so again, do you get paid for those two years? if yes, how much?

    your reply will help a ton..thanks alot...

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    I just got accepted to the nursing program at Cal State Univ. Long Beach (Spring 09). I hope i get into the trimester program after the first semester anyway

    I start later january...i really worked hard for it...n i feel like the happiest person in the world...


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    Quote from generation2
    Hi. I have been accepted to nursing school and just received a notice that I will have to take the TEAS Exam in five weeks. It's been a long time since I took chemistry and algebra, so I definately need a review. I just ordered the Secrets of the TEAS exam study guide, but now I'm wondering if this is a good review/study book or if it is mostly about test taking strategies. Does anyone know? Thanks a lot.
    you might want to go over algebra, there are many logic based questions on the test and chemistry stick to just the periodic table. review a little earth science. you should be fine. dont stress.


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    Quote from catherineb
    hey nervousnursey2b

    i went on that test preview site also and they also give you a book to order from its really not all that. its not an actually book but like a pamplet that you can easily copy at kinkos or something. the only reason why i choose this over ati's is a little cheaper and they offer you a guarantee like if you dont get the score you want they will reimburse you. i didnt know i was going to just get a 200 page pamplet thing. on the upside its pretty neat it really goes over alot of the science and chemistry part as i hear ati does not. also the math and english part they give you all the equations and commonly mis-spelled words on the test. so in that aspect a neat think to have but i wanted a book really. your not suppose to do this but i can scan a couple of pages out of it and send it to you:spin: i was thinking of giving it to the nursing school lol as its sooooo easy to just copy the whole thing lol and have someone else use it. well i hope this helps ty:spin::spin:
    could you do that!?!?!?! pleaseee!?!

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    Quote from toreyjane
    eat something for breakfast, even if you feel too nervous to eat! read the questions carefully.... the science portion is not going to be what you expect, i had one anatomy question...i think it had to do with the pancreas. the rest were life science type questions...that i had in 7th & 8th grade...the math part was fairly easy, but a little tricky. if you have this : like is division...i forgot & thought it was ratio...there are a couple of math questions that are time consuming, you read the paragraph...joe is going to sew a shirt, he needs three yards of fabric, 6 buttons blah blah blah....then there is a list of all the things he needs with the prices, you have to calculate it all up
    1 yard of fabric...$2.50...joes needs 3 yards...
    pkg. of 2 buttons...$1.75...joe needs 6 buttons......that sort of thing.

    there will be some tricky spelling words, they all look right. brush up on the periodic table. i had a question on many electrons, protons...
    good luck, take your time & you will do great!
    they provide the periodic table right????

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    so i saw this study guide on this below link

    has anybody used it or know someone who used it?

    is it worth it?

    thanks alot battling whether i should buy this one or the TEAS official thingy at


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    if that is the case then you should do an introductory biology course..(leaning more toward the physiology) (if your college offers it)
    or just any plain bio

    and then do A&P...but medical terminology wont do you anything

    its just straight memorization of all the terms and the meanings...

    good luck

    Quote from GaMBA
    Thank you for the quick responses! On my next trip to the library I'll browse through the medical terminology books and see if just reading the books will help me in lieu of taking the full out course. I don't have a science background at all (except for the one Bio course I took my freshman yr of undergrad...10 yrs ago :chuckle) so I'm pretty much starting this whole adventure from "scratch."

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    i just randomly saw this post...damn u shud be ecstatic...


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    i agree with u....gamba just take a book n read thru it

    dont stress it...

    Quote from Bicster
    It is unnecessary. You could always just buy a med term book at the bookstore.