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    I applied for CTICU and SICU and I haven't heard a thing rejection or otherwise.

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    congrats to everyone that got in.

    weird. i didn't get a rejection email or a call for interview. typical.

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    sorry for late reply:

    took test last week, test shut off at 75. according to PVT, i passed! but i'm still holding out for my name to show up on the BRN before i breathe a sigh of relief. unfortunately, no quick results and my nursing program just mailed transcripts in last friday and no results until BRN gets those transcripts.

    to me, Davis questions seemed much harder compared to the real thing. book recommends 75%-80%, i think scoring 65%-70% should be good. i was scoring 70%-75% consistently. good luck everyone!

    btw, if anyone wants the book, PM me i don't think i need mine anymore. =)

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    I've been using Davis Q&A. Questions seem to be a lot harder than Saunder's. I'm consistently getting around 65% on the quizzes I take, with some drops to high 50's now consistent scores up in the 70's.

    I'm scheduled for my NCLEX tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

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    i'm joining in on this thread. i just graduate a few weeks ago from CSULB and i'm mainly concentrating on studying for NCLEX, but i'm also job hunting.

    so far i've turned in applications to Stanford Hospital (rejected) and the VA in San Francisco for NorCal and Fountain Valley Regional and Torrance Memorial in SoCal. I'm also talking to a USAF recruiter that's walking me through the commissioning process, but from what I've researched the timeline takes a while. I need a job in the meantime.

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    first of all, congratulations luvbug on getting in.

    i will also be graduating in may this year with my BSN and i've recently been talking to a recruiter. she told me slots were filled for this fiscal year, but they will be looking for applicants again in july of this year; typically there are 90 slots open for new grads nationwide, which seems like a small number to me.

    my question is how competitive was it to get in? were they stringent on GPA requirements and such? you can email or PM me if you like.


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    i don't think volunteer work is required. to be honest, i'd have more respect for an honest person that prioritized her time to be able to take care of her family than one that did volunteer work just to look good on a resume. but that said, the nursing program i got into didn't have an interview process, but a professor did ask me why i wanted to be a nurse. i gave my honest answer: it was probably a given that i cared about people, but seeing as i had to take care of myself first, i had to ensure that i chose a career that was stable and offered enough compensation to fulfill my needs.

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    my program recommended littmann III's, but price tag was a little hefty. i got a littmann lightweight off ebay and it hasn't done me wrong.

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    our program recommended we get littmann III's, but the price tags on those were pretty hefty. i got a littmann lightweight and it's hasn't done me wrong.

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    i'm just a student right now, but on off time i do mountain biking, rockclimbing, rappeling, and paintball. last time i went sportfishing... ugh. i love bass fishing though.

    i'm trying to find people to do long hikes with, and i'm also trying to get into hunting eventually, but i don't know the first thing about it.

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    i wonder if its like that staphaseptic gel stuff