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    I would suggest that you NOT enroll at Apollo RN in Albuquerque. The program is very disorganized and as students we do not get the education that we are paying for. The faculty turn-over is very high. The director is very difficult to communicate with. This should actually be an online program because we have to teach ourselves most of the information. It seems like the program is set up to make it as difficult as possible for students to learn. We have to overcome huge obstacles just to learn anything. There is not enough space for the program we are in, so we have to cram into the nursing lab and usually not everyone gets a chance to practice the skill we are supposed to be learning. For the money we are paying, almost everything about the program is subpar. Also, CNM and UNM have recently told us that they will NOT accept our accreditation. If we want to go to either of those schools to continue our education, we will have to start from the beginning.