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    Quote from Newgraduate07
    An update, I PASSED!! I took the exam 4 times total and finally passed on the fourth try! Thank You to everyone in this wonderful support site. I took me one full year to finally get it right but it was so worth it! I can now start living my dream. :heartbeat

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    i'm almost done with the first tip. i wanted to do it twice before i dove into the second part of the plan. hopefully, it works for me. i'm testing in mid-December.

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    this is something that i have started to dabble into. meat, of course, has its benefits, but i'm starting not to like the taste of meat. it's an interesting lifestyle, but i'm thinking about giving it a chance. does anyone have any advice?

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    Quote from michellemmkRN
    Hi Everyone,

    I am a new grad and just took a position in an acute rehab facility in massachusetts. The types of patients that are on the floors are on vents, have trachs, amputations, lots and lots of g tubes and ng tubes and lots of other tubes, av fistulas and get hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, ms, spinal injuries, strokes, wounds, cardiac issues and many many more things. I got pretty good grades in school and passed the NCLEX with no problem and I feel lost. I start with a preceptor next week and I am sooooooooo nervous! There are so many things that I have never done in school or at clinical. Should I be nervous??? What do they expect from me? Should I be reviewing everything? I am gonna have ALOT of questions and I know I shouldn't be afraid to ask but I am. HELP, any advice is appreciated.
    i think the fact that you feel this way is a good sign. a lot of people, from what i've heard, go into the hospital with false confidence. in nursing, you learn everyday. from many of my friends who are now nurses, i've heard to keep asking questions, a lot of the stuff just comes with time.

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    my friend who has been an rn for almost a year now has actually lost weight because she feels a bit overwhelmed about everything. that, and because she's really trying to lose weight. lol. she did gain a bit, but now she's lost well over 10lbs. i hope when i start, i stay the same as when i began.

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    Quote from HamBiscuit
    I am a new LPN, and have been working for almost 2 months. I have to start IV's on our first patient of the morning, and the first patient after lunch. I have never taken a class, never received any formal training or had any type of experience with venipuncture. When I first started the job, my "training" was to start an IV on the nurse who was training me. I got her on the first stick, the first time. It helped that she had veins like earthworms! After that I was turned loose. My patients are coming in for colonoscopy's, and are dehydrated, so that doesn't make it much easier. I generally miss most of the time, and have to hang my head and go get my supervisor. The problem I am having is this...what do I say to the patient when I miss? I'll say things like "It must not be our lucky day" or "Let me go get the experts so I don't make you look like a pincushion"....i try to stay humorous all the while faking confidence. My supervisor comes in to do the IV and says things like "Oh, she's a great nurse and she's been doing this a long time (I haven't) or "She's not new at this, she's been at this a long time (I haven't)". It makes me wonder just what should I say when I miss? She makes me feel like I am telling the patient that i suck and am no good at it...I would rather a patient think I missed because I am still a little inexperienced than to think I have been at this a while and just suck at it....Any advice on how to effectively handle this type of situation? What do the seasoned nurses say when they miss (cause I know y'all do sometimes )
    i think honesty is the best way to go. patients will appreciate your honesty and your warmth more than a lie. your supervisor maybe says this in order to not embarrass you and to make the pt feel a bit more at ease. so, i think that both work, but dishonesty never does. what you do is good, it lets the pt feel a bit more comfortable with you because you're being honest, and they feel okay that you went and got help, and they feel reassured that someone CAN get a line in. honesty is best, in my opinion.

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    Quote from Pleaides
    I am nearing the end of my "orientation" program in my first RN job. The first two weeks were spent observing various departments and then we went to the floors to orient. A month later and all the preceptors are tired of having new grads ask questions. "Didn't you people learn ANYTHING in nursing school?" Sure we did, we spent a gazillion hours on care plans, which are not used much here. Right now I am absolutely hating this hospital job. After a six week orientation we are supposed to be full-fledged RN's, ready to do anything! My feeling right now is that I am on a sinking ship. Never in my life have I felt or been made to feel incompetent, but I sure do now. I know I should say **I CAN do this** and so every day I say that mantra over and over on my way to work. But when I get there, and try to do everything for 4-5 patients as well as new admits and computer charting on a very user-unfriendly system, I am not sure if I really will be able to do this. Is being nervous and having a constant feeling of cold fear and dread normal for a new RN or have I made a wrong turn in life by going to nursing school?
    i know this is an old post, but i would like to comment. i don't think we made a mistake in becoming nurses, i just think it takes time in getting the hang of things. hopefully, once i pass my nclex, i'll be able to say the same when i start working.

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    Quote from Mave RN
    Hello everyone. I have been trying to find my place in nursing. Personally, I have battled with my weight my entire life; I have an eating disorder: I eat too much. I have learned, however, the balance of nutrition and how this helps me keep a balanced diet. I love nursing, and I love how to teach people to keep a balanced diet. However, I would love to combine nursing with becoming a registered dietitian. I have asked around, and I think that posting a general question (and, as requested by Siri (thanks!)) I would get a better idea as to where to guide this idea of mine, or where to even begin. If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance,
    this is actually a very interesting question. does anyone know the answer? i was thinking more along the lines of diabetic teaching, but not quite RD.

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    how long did it take everyone who is doing suzanne4's first tip to finish it??? it's taking me a loooong time! i'm almost done, though, and i'll be sending for my att as soon as i'm done doing her first tip.

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    is anybody working on suzanne's plan? the first tip is taking forever to finish. lol. i'm almost done, though, so i will be doing her plan soon. i'm excited.

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    Quote from gwafuh_2busrn
    i'll be taking the pn exam on monday..I'll just take the risk..wish me luck.hehehe!!!! I havent scheduled on my rn exam.I'm planning to take it by mid july..Wish me luck again.hehehe!!! God Bless
    i didn't know you could take both exams almost at the same time?? how does that work? if you go to rn nursing school, you can take both tests? just wondering.

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    Man, it is taking me a while to finish suzanne4's first tip! i'll probably take the exam around this time, but I'm glad I've yet to send in my application for my att because i really want to pass the first try and i want to use suzanne4's plan in order to do that. i see from a lot of people that she's very strict, so i'm trying to do this the way she wants it done in order to be eligible for it. i'm glad i found this site.

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    Quote from MaleNursesRock
    .I think the saunders comp 4th ed is one of the best "content" review books. I used that one AND the kaplan NCLEX strategies. well..anything KAPLAN is good

    i wish i knew about how good Kaplan is, after taking the test 3 times (passing JUST today-finally !!! , KAPLAN-questions are closer to the nclex --the others lipincott, hurst etc.. even the questions in the saunders book are to easy..there good to build confidence.--take your test when you feel "ready"--

    cONGRATULATIONS ON PASSING MALENURSESROCK!!!! I might use kaplan but i'm thinking about using the mod suzanne's plan. did you happen to use it?

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    Quote from soon_2_be_rn
    i was in the june group, changed my date to may 28th yesterday. i just graduated from school last saturday, and i'm the first in my class to get an att..............i'm so nervous, praying that i pass the first time. i'm taking a review next week with frances eason (she is a nursing professor at ecu, i'm in nc). i've also been doing the learningext, thru the ncsbn my scores are between 69 and 70 so far. i used the kaplan cd today and scored a 70. do you guys think i'll be ready by may 28th or should i reschedule. btw, i just took my final exam on may 5th and graduated may 10th.. i always heard the sooner the better.
    you have your att already???? wow! how did you manage that? i sent for mine about two days ago and they told me it could be up to 4 weeks before i get mine. yeah, i keep hearing that the sooner you take the exam, the better, which is why i sent for my att already. learningtext? i've never heard of that. could you tell me what that is? i'm looking for things to study for the nclex and the posts that i've seen here keep talking about kaplan and saunders and suzanne's plan. i don't know who suzanne is. does anyone know? thank you.

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    hi everyone!! I'm thinking that I mighttake my nclex in july. does anyone have any advice on what to study in order to take it? and who is suzanne4?? i keep seeing people talking about her. thank you!!