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    Iluv2travel when applying for working visa experience is crucial not age
    Yes it would impact when applying for permanent visa but not much. Considering you are on your late 30s you still get points when applying permanent residency, basic requirement is under 50. I guess you still have plenty of time.
    Cheers. Good luck

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    New Grad program in Public Hospitals is only for Permanent Resident and Australian Citizens. I'm not sure if this applies to Private hospitals as well. IMO, you need at least 3 years experience for employer to notice you. Age does not matter as long you are fit to work. They don't discriminate here.

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    Hi I applied to NSW health Hospitals ( Balmain, Eastwood, RNSH and RPA ) in the past and got really good responses. There is no right or wrong just be simple on your answers . Good luck

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    The list itself is the one posted on APHRA website. If you're looking for a BP provider in WA then its only IHNA that offers one. Sad to say, HPH bp program will conduct its last program this February and will undergo re-accreditation, so no dates for the next intake. You should consider BP in other states or just apply at IHNA, and hope for the best, and get selected.


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    Quote from marklouiemarco
    Congrats to you. you know what, i submitted mine last july in NSW but until now, i havent received the eligibility letter. Why was yours fast? it's been four months already since i lodged my application.
    I lodged my application in NT and got the letter of eligibility after 10 1/2 months, it took that long because they did re-assessment of my application, the case officer handling my application at first resigned, they send my application to NSW for assessment but NSW AHPRA office send it back .,etc. Others got their approval for 3-6 months while some got theirs longer like mine. It is a case to case basis. Keep yourself busy whilst waiting for the decision. Patience pays off. You'll receive your letter eligibility soon.

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    Quote from leey86
    Anyone here who applied for the bridging program of Royal Perth Hospital? What are the requirements? and where can I download the application form? I tried searching their site, but I can't find it. It's just a PDF containing the overview of the course and the contact person. I have sent them an email, but I still have not received a response.
    Royal Perth Hospital will not conduct bridging program since it is no longer accredited under the new national registration and accreditation scheme.

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    Quote from nursezest
    Hello everyone!

    I am currently looking for BP schools. I tried inquiring in CON Burwood. However, I have not received any messages from them. To those who applied there, did you send it via courier? Or through email? What's the email ad? Is it ? They seem to ignore all my queries.

    I look forward to anyone's reply. Thank you very much! God bless!
    You can submit your application through email and courier. They are not ignoring you I think, it will take days/week before they respond to your query, based on my experience.

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    Quote from Makikay_rx
    Hi butter27...

    I am planning to join the AAON if i cant have the slot in CON on their Jan intake.. Do you know when will be their earliest intake next year and when would be the deadline of submitting of the application? I called their office and the girl who answered my call just gave me their email address for me to send my enquiry..
    February intake is full ( i applied for their earliest intake but unfortunately there were applicants who submitted their application earlier, good thing I had a back up plan ), You should be applying now if you want to be prioritize for their April intake. there is no deadline, it is first come first serve basis and you'll be placed in the waiting list once you'll apply.

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    Quote from Stereo
    Hi. Sorry I have to ask since I have little knowledge regarding visas. How did you obtained a visa when you haven't enrolled to a BP school yet? Isn't one of the requirements your Certificate for Enrollment?
    Yes it is one of the requirement.I paid the tuition fee and they send me a support letter needed to apply for a visa.

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    Thank God !! I received my 456 multiple entry visa this morning and it has no "no further stay condition" on it. .

    *Next is selection process for the January intake , it will be known this Mid December, so I am not assured of January slot yet .

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    Quote from jenxx
    oh, i thought AHPRA will be the one to select where you will take your bridging course?
    Nope, you can take it at any approved Bridging program providers.

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    Quote from Makikay_rx
    Thank you very much. You were one the forumers here who keeps on answering my queries and keeping my hopes high.. Thank you!

    Are you ready for your BP next year? You are going to Con or LTU?

    Do you know any school with BP that will commence on Feb or march?
    I'm planning to take the BP at CON this January, I'm just waiting for my visa. I'm done with all the requirements already.

    Feb: AAON - Close, HPH
    April- CON,AAON
    Deakin University ?, DOH NT Overseas Nurse Program- No plans of BP next year
    WLI- intake dates for next year still to be decided
    Others(IHNA,Mercy,ETEA)- I do not know their intake dates for next year hehe

    Good luck.