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  • Oct 22 '11

    hi guys!!!

    im sooooooo over the moon! after a month away (i was in the states for my honeymoon!) i arrived 2 hours ago here in brazil to find my so dreamed elegibility letter!!!

    it was dated from sept.05th, however on sept.27th my case manager wrote to me saying that my docs would go to the next boarding meeting.....and then i travelled and the brazilian post office was going through a strike....

    well, what matters now is that i finally havemy letter with me and have to rush for a bp....can anyone enlight me on the bps still available for the beggining of 2012??

    thank you for all your wonderful support!! this thread hasbeen a blessing in my life! as cioman always says..."praying helps a lot"
    to god be all the glory!!!

  • Oct 15 '11

    Hi guys! I promised myself I'd post my timeline here after everything's all set. For those in the process of application here goes:

    October 2010 – ANMC Eligibility applied (Optional. Can be done in Aus)
    January 10, 2011 – Received determination letter from ANMC (2 years valid)
    March 24, 2011 – Launched application to AHPRA (Victoria. Should have known that they are super sloooooow. )
    August 15, 2011 – Additional documents required by AHPRA
    August 17, 2011 - pending documents reached Aus.
    August 23, 2011 – Received Letter of Eligibility from AHPRA (Yeeeeey!) :spin:; started applications to BP schools
    September 9, 2011 – Received Letter of Offer from La Trobe
    September 16, 2011 – Settled my tuition fee via CC. Received eCoE from La Trobe few hours after.
    September 20, 2011 – Lodged Online Student Visa Application
    September 23, 2011 – Medicals (@ Nationwide Makati. Started @ 8am, finished @ 10am. My lab results were forwarded to the Aus Embassy Oct 8—after much following up--.)
    October 13, 2011 – Visa Approval Email Received; Visa Evidencing requested
    October 15, 2011 – Visa with stamp delivered at home

    Remember: Success is a cocktail mix of PATIENCE, perseverance, passion, courage and careful planning. Not Just a stroke of luck.


  • Oct 9 '11

    Quote from unadunad
    i was also confused on the letter sent to me by con and asked them clarification, this was their reply to me.

    please be advised that the documents that we have on file are the ones that have the ticked boxes. you are required to submit all documents that are not ticked. therefore you need to provide us with evidence of immunisation, full fee of $10,000 and visa. upon receipt of evidence of immunisation and fee, the college will issue you with a visa support letter. when your visa is granted, please scanned and forward it to reach us 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the program which is expected to commence on 30 jan 2012. only applicants who have the complete documentation will be selected for the program.

    i hope i can join you all on the jan 2012 intake in con!! pray pray pray!

  • Oct 8 '11

    about SCC , luckily we got back our 25k commitment fee.. MS.xxxxx and told us before that the 25k fee include the ielts review , test, etc.Im reviewing my ielts and im ready to take the test, I called SCC, then all of a sudden they want us to pay the ielts test fee and that fee will be refunded if the collateral ( house ) is approved..We are shocked .. lol. 350k vs 8k ? . Also if your collateral is a house that is flooded by typhoon ondoy, better find other land title you own because that will not be approved by the bank. SCC told us to loan from other banks but im not taking the bait because there are no contracts from other banks except from the afflliated bank of scc. It is too risky and because of that I dont trust them so I told them I want my money back.. to cut things up.. I suggest not to go to any agencies.., you can be RN in AUS by yourself if you have enough money and information. I also suggest to read pages 400 and up to present for further information. If there are any questions just ask here.. some people are friendly here so feel free to ask. cheers

  • Oct 4 '11

    Quote from banah
    I don't understand....My agency told me that ANMC accepted my credentials to enroll in a BP course even though my IELTS is 6.5...even a friend of mine who is in Australia told me that IELTS is not needed as long as your medium of teaching in secondary and tertiary is English. So, I decided to pursue and enroll in BP course, I will just wait for my eligibility from ANMC.
    My questions are:
    1. How come ANMC required an IELTS of 7 when they are accepting applicants below 7?
    2. Can we still get a job after the bridging course?

    I hope those who are done with their BP even if their IELTS is below 7 or not have yet taken the exam and successfully working in Australia can enlighten us about this...
    I might be enrolling this December or January.
    Thank you

    There is a new rule released recently by AHPRA. In my understanding, only those who got their secondary education and nursing education in USA, UK, NZ, Canada, Ireland, and Australia will be exempted. The rest need to take the IELTS exam.

    You can check this site:

    Hope this will help

  • Oct 3 '11

    Quote from makikay_rn
    Hello nurses..

    It is already 2 months after i received 2 emails from AHRRA, one to ask for + docs and the 2nd email was for the receipt.
    Perhaps i got this mix emotion of being excited to receive a letter from AHPRA or being anxious of what is really happening to my application.

    I really want to ask you guys if how would you know your application has been already assessed , since i received the last email telling me this:

    Dear *****
    AHPRA acknowledges receipt of your application for registration.
    The application is currently being assessed and you will be notified if any further information is required.
    Once your application has been assessed and processed you will be advised of the outcome.

    * the italicized bold line- does it mean my application has been assessed?

    Please help me with this..

    Thank you :spin::spin::spin:

    Hi makikay_rn,

    As it is listed above in bold letters,your application is CURRENTLY BEING ASSESSED meaning it is still on the process of assessment, evaluation, review, and discussion.

    Should you receive an email saying Your Application HAS NOW BEEN ASSESSED, it means they have reviewed your documents and a decision has been made.

    Keep praying and don't stop believing. God will grant the desires of your heart if you delight yourself in Him

  • Sep 29 '11

    Called La Trobe just a few minutes ago to ask for updates regarding my application for their IRON PROGRAM and unfortunately the lady told me that January intake is already full since 40 people paid fully their tuition fees.

    She instructed me to email her if in case I wanted to be considered for their May intake but I told her I'll think about it since my IELTS and LOE will soon be expiring.
    I've asked her if is there any chance to be considered for January intake but then again to my dismay, no chance at all since all of them paid their tuition fees.

    Anyways, I called AAON to enquire if their January intake for IRON Program is already full and the lady told me that students are still coming, and they are still accepting applications. Tuition fee is 11thou AUD though. Not bad still much cheaper compared to other schools.
    So might be considering AAON now, hope and pray to get a slot for their January intake.

    Who is coming with me, lemme know guys.


  • Sep 22 '11
  • Sep 20 '11

    Quote from Blicka
    You mean AGOS-04??? not AGOS-40. Sample CV is way different from CV format just so you know. Aren't you gonna be ****** if they assured you to just wait for the email and they checked all my papers upfront saying its all good blah blah blah.... I still have the right to blame them for not doing there job properly. But not a big deal anyway, we learn from our mistakes.
    If you are intelligent enough to spot that then you should be intelligent enough to write your own CV. Some people put a lot of time and effort making their own CV. Some even go out of their way to pay other people to create their CV. You already have a format of the CV, why would you need a sample? People here will be happy to lend a hand but don't ask for an arm and leg as well!

    AHPRA assured you huh? Was that the generic email that they send applicants letting them know that they received your application? I hardly think that that's an assurance that they've checked your incomplete documents my dear.

    Take time to read even the recent posts in this thread. 6 months...a year...over a year...that's how long these guys have waited to get their letter of eligibility. Dare I say it...they even submitted complete forms with all the bells and whistles. You are in Australia, you submitted your forms about 3 months ago and yours should be treated ahead of everyone else? How would other people from this thread feel about that? They don't have the luxury to visit an AHPRA office in Australia. They prayed and waited. Isn't it obvious that your form is in a queue like everyone else's. That doesn't mean that they are not doing their job properly. They are just doing their job! They have to deal with a lot of applicants and multiply that with tons of emails. And I'm sure some send more than one email.

    AHPRA is an institution that you should respect. You are not an RN in Australia yet.

    Instead of whining, just get the job done and hope you can bypass all these other Filipino RNs. After all you are already in Australia and they are in the Philippines.


    It's 'their job' not 'there job'.

    Sorry guys but treat the institution with respect especially if you want to be part of it.

  • Sep 19 '11

    Well guys, "patience is a virtue". In my case, it took me a 1 year and two months to be exact before i was given an eligibility letter from the ahpra. I was really on the brink of giving up then but when i finally received the letter, i realized that it was indeed a perfect timing for me because should i received it earlier, i might be taking up my BP here in SA alone and away from my family. But God is so good that He really planned for me well. He maybe delayed the process so i can come here together with my family. My husband was granted a masters degree scholarship so after my schooling and before my visa lapses, i can extend my stay here using a dependant visa. God has a perfect plan for us all... Have faith...

  • Sep 17 '11

    i thought you guys might want to know this...

    during my application for 456 visa, I did not include my IELTS result among the documents that I sent, thinking that this was fine.. a day after they confirmed that they got my documents, I received a call from my case officer, telling me to submit my IELTS result. I asked them if I can just send them a copy of my expired IELTS since I haven't received my recent IELTS result yet. The case officer asked me to wait as she tried to confirm this with a higher authority.. After a few minutes, I was told to wait for my current IELTS, and submit it as soon as I get it. They will not accept my expired IELTS... This caused some delay in my processing, but Praise God I got my visa already...

    My point here is, I believe that IELTS is really necessary when applying for anything in Australia... AHPRA requires this, the schools require this and the Australian embassy requires this... You may get away without the IELTS during your application in AHPRA and other BP schools, but u still need to consider your visa application... So its really better if you try to pass the required minimum score for the IELTS...

  • Sep 15 '11

    hello to everyone!!

    I just got my 456 visa today with multiple entry... Praise the Lord... Today happens to be my birthday alsoclpty:, and so God has given me the best gift ever!!! He is truly wonderful!!

    God bless to everyone who is on the road to fulfilling their Ausy dream!! Keep on praying and trusting God!!!

  • Sep 13 '11

    Quote from emjay86
    Oh I am still beginning to apply for the AHPRA eligibility. I never knew the requirements are many. Can you enlighten me on the process? I am from Cebu and quite unfamiliar though. People tell me to go to IDP in Cebu Business Park. I am confused.

    The process is tedious in the sense that there are so many docs to prepare. However, the step by step process is very straightforward and not confusing at all. I strongly suggest you do the following :

    Go to the AHPRA website and choose the Nursing and Midwifery Board. When you get to the Nursing and Midwifery homepage, click on the "Overseas Practitioners". Read all the instructions there and download the Application Form.

    After you have read all that you can in the AHPRA website, start reading this thread from page 1. There are numerous posts from past and present forummers that will greatly help answer your questions. Afterwhich you can, now, post your queries for things that you still may find vague and confusing.

    Yes, you can go to IDP Cebu. But they usually encourage you to enroll in an RN conversion program that is a 1 to 2 year course. This is a lot more expensive and time consuming (I, personally, know because this is what they advised me also). Most, if not, all of us here have gone through the bridging course that is only 2 to 3 months long. Afterwhich, we get our RN license from AHPRA and start job hunting.

    It pays to do your own research. There are many opinions and options out there for you. Do not take any agent's advice or any other person's opinion here as the absolute truth without verifying it for yourself from the source - AHPRA. We are here to help each other get to our Ozzie dream. However, there are, constantly, new developments happening with AHPRA and DIAC guidelines. What may have worked before may not be applicable now (e.g. the English Skills Test requirements). The choice you make entails specific end results.

  • Sep 9 '11

    Quote from fish n chips
    so I need to re-apply as RN. i wish there was some other way i could keep EN and work there after bp. thanks rajotolentino!

    Anyone who knows someone doing Enrolled Nurse (Div.2) and stayed and worked in AU after BP??? Please guys I need more information before I re-apply as RN.

    hi there fish... hope this info could help you...

    i am a registered nurse here in philippines, and i applied an EN application to ahpra. when i got my eligibility letter it says there application for registration as EN, then i started reading this thread (Good for me) and came to know that I should have applied my assessment as RN not EN. I was so deppressed knowing i made a big mistake, what i did is, I wrote to my case officer asking her if i could have an RN assessment instead of EN. That it was my mistake not to know the difference between RN and EN, i asked her if she could give me more options on what to do in my situation.. I dont want to wait again for 9 mos for my eligibility letter.

    then... God is so good,, she replied I assessed your document as RN...and she send me another Eligibility letter stating Application for registration as RN. Maybe you could do the same so that you dont have to re apply again. well just sharing my story... Goodluck!!!

  • Sep 9 '11

    Quote from autumnRN
    Question: Can you apply online in the schools? or do you really need the original letter from ahpra? I was informed 3 schools are already booked til next year! How can I apply? Do I have to pay the fee upon sending the application?
    As soon as you get your AHPRA letter, you immediately apply to as many bp schools as possible. Yes, all of them accept online applications. You download their application forms, fill them up. Send it back to them together with the scanned copies of all your supporting docs. To cover all the bases, I scanned the original and certified true copies (xerox) of all my documents including each page of my TOR. That way, I don't have to go back and forth to an internet cafe to scan documents (I don't have my own scanner).

    Some bp schools don't have a standard application form in their website. What I did was to email them an application letter and attached scanned copies of my AHPRA letter, passport, and IELTS Test Report Form.

    Always keep on following up (but politely). Don't be discouraged to apply to schools that are already full for a particular intake or a school that has no available intake as of the moment. Submit your application just the same. You never know there might suddenly be a slot available for you when somebody else did not confirm his. That's what happened to me with ETEA. I didn't even know they had an Oct intake. I was already sulking in a corner knowing that if I can't get in Mercy in November, I might have to wait for the January intakes of other schools.