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    Here are just a few - comon now wake up!

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    Remember the old days when there were white people and black people those who had slaves and those against it? We have come such a long way havent we? or have we? Now its about calling people stinky over ciggerett smoke? Your either a smoker or a non smoker? There no difference only because of the attitude people are taking against one or the other.

    Google assault and smoking, select news, and start reading how many assaults are out there from non smokers against smokers now days! Wow pathetic indeed. I was personally told by a fellow fire fighter that he hoped I die of lung cancer and buried deep in the ground and this was said in front of his children outside no less!

    Non smokers seem to be getting nastier and nastier now days.

    Now they have 3rd hand smoke? are you serious lol! 3rd hand smoke amazing! Yes a smoker may stink after smoking, but you all forgot what it smelled like after getting off the public transportation of diesel smoke fumes, or the fumes from the gas pump after filling up your tank on your way to the hospitals! No one recognizes those "stink" smells anymore because your all focused on the big bad smoker.

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    For the most part, I am very impressed with everybody who posted the responses they did. The sheer fact your going to school to be a nurse or are a nurse shows already that you not only want the money, but decided to earn a living caring for other human beings.

    Alot of the responses started out with "I am NOT a smoker" almost like there is an unspoken shame in being a smoker?

    So far the following has taken place over the years:

    Smokers may not smoke in any public establishment including bars
    Smokers may not smoke within 50-300 feet from the entrance to any public place
    Smokers may not smoke in our public parks
    Smokers may not smoke in their own vehicles with anyone under 16
    Smoker must refrain from smoking in areas (even legal ones) where children can see it
    Smokers must go outside their homes to smoke if a non smoker complains or DSS will be called
    Smokers may not smoke in the parking lots or on the property of Walmart, Target, Lowes etc
    Smokers may not be hired in certain professions and will be tested for nicotine prior to hiring.
    A pack of cigarettes in NY is close to $10.00 a pack - $100.00 a carton!
    With that said, and seeing the rights of a legal activity being done by a law abiding citizen, being taken away it absolutely amazed me to see the subject heading here on Beating down smokers has been so heavy and so pro active over the past decade I have wondered if there isnt something more behind it?

    When I did my training in the local hospital for my EMT-D all the doctors and most of the nurses smoked outside. Yes this surprised me as the media says smoking kills and is so bad etc... Not that it doesnt just saying.

    Now I expect to see the following take place in the next 10 years:

    USPS banned the shipping of tobacco already,
    Fed Ex banned the shipping of tobacco already
    UPS banned the shipping of tobacco already
    Planned parenthood already stopped giving out the pill if your over 35 and are a smoker
    Credit card companies to deny credit to smokers as they could use the card to buy tobacco products.
    DMV's to ban license to smokers as they could use their car to drive to buy tobacco
    Public transportation to ban smokers as their smokers cough could cause a pandemic
    Insurance companies to take final step in denying coverage to a smoker

    When I see posts like this in this venue I cant help but fear that a Dr. and or nurses could very well offer me medical treatment for something totally unrelated to smoking in a sub sufficient way to speed my demise and there by lower the cost of medical needs? With all the stigma and beating down of a smoker nobody can say with certainty this wont or hasnt already happened?

    If the OP chose this subject for her / his paper, then it is people like him/her who has caused such a ruckus over a legal activity, If it was the professor who assigned the paper, then it is being forced down the throats of all students to stigmatize smokers from the education on down the line.

    On channel 10 a commercial will come on and say that smoking is the number 1 leading cause of death in the US
    On chennel 21 a commercial will say that Obesity is the number 1 leading cause of death in the US
    On channel 48 a commercial will say that Hypertension is the number one leading cause of death in the US

    With so many different number one caused of death out there what the hell is the actual number one cause? All of your new non FDA approved medicine commercials out there have a statement now that says not to take the meds if you smoke as it can increase the risks of this and that? really?

    5+ years ago there was a series of commercials from the public service commission that leaned towards the children and smoking. How easy it was for them to see ciggerette posters in the stores, how the stores were forced to move the poster off the main counter and on to the wall behind them? so what the child cant read it if its on a wall only if its on a counter?

    Then a year later there were 2 commercials where the same agency ran 2 commercials depicting two to five year olds smoking a cigarette in their mouth, bragging about how each were dying of lung cancer, heart disease and the like? Now whos exploiting children? It was obviously never about children.

    All in all I cant for the life of me figure out why Americans havent stood up in solidarity to voice their distain towards the out right theft of rights where it comes to making a life choice in smoking a legal substance, etc and so it continues on and on and on.

    As a fire chief/EMT-D I have responded to so many deaths over the years caused by drinking, pills, illegal drugs, a few gun shots, but I can say to all of you with certainty that never because someone was smoking and died. Yes it takes time and my mother of 84 years old is still taking her time while smoking, but then so dies drinking when it destroys the liver, and obesity when it caused the hypertension, and there are a slew of others.

    In closing, I sincerely hope with all my heart that when the time comes and I must be hospitalized for anything at all, that I do not get a nurse with the OP view, even questioning it as I am positive I will get much better treatment, much more dignified care from anyone else than he/her.

    PS: I wont mention all the side effects of the new meds on tv and how many of them even have in their disclaimer that side effect includes DEATH! really?

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    Hello everybody. I can not think of a better place to ask this questions other than a forum full of what I believe to be Gods angels in human form.

    In your experience taking care of the injured and specificaly the dying, what are your thoughts and experiences regarding those ready to pass being able to see something just prior?

    THere are so many accounts but from people and professions that dont fit the bill in terms of those qualified to answer this. In your opinion is there more after this? Aside of any religious beliefs do you on a personal level feel there is something else beyond?

    Thank you in advance.