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    To answer your question passing thru, Canada does not have the death penalty; even if it were made legal here I don't think it would fly....polls have shown the majority of Canadians are against capital punishment. However, if there ever were a person fit to be put to death, it would certainly be this maniac.

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    The recent tragedy involving the disappearance of 10 year old Holly Jones and subsequent finding of her dismembered remains days later in Lake Ontario horrified all Toronto residents. In the weeks following, child abduction attempts have markedly increased, leaving parents undeniably anxious (including myself).

    Yesterday, a man who lived in Holly's area was arrested and charged with the crimes, and some parents feel relieved. I for one, do not feel any relief.

    In Holly's neighbourhood alone, there are approximately 700 sex offenders (240 of them child molestors). The residents of the area had no idea of this, until recently, because the public does not have access to this information.

    It is true that offenders have rights, but it should also be true that communities should be notified of such people residing there. There is a need for some modification of the law, to give sex offenders tougher punishments as well as attending to other issues.

    Maybe if Holly's parents had known these people were living in the area, they wouldn't have let her walk to her friend's house alone. Maybe they still would have. No one can say.

    Parents know we aren't living in a safe world any more, but seem to forget that sometimes.

    As a mother, I don't feel safe in my community. I don't know what type of people are living here, and while I don't think their names and addresses should be given out, maybe knowing would hit home to parents and help them make more informed decisions.

    Please go to to sign the petition to help change the laws (Anyone from anywhere can sign).

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    I don't have any stories as humorous as some of these others, but there was this one girl I remember who always had to be the centre of everything...In A+P and Health Assessment class, no matter what we were discussing she always either had the disorder or condition we were learning about, or she knew someone who had it-it was so obviously a pack of comical lies, though. One day we were learning about the sensory organs and she piped up saying, "yeah, my dog barked so loud once that she ruptured her tympanic membrane!" We used to call her "Band Camp" (if you've seen american pie, you'll understand). She always made a point of sitting beside the class brainiac during tests (only), and always regailed her critically ill patients with the details of how her life was so stressful and tragic...

    She ended up failing clinical in semester 3 for making medication errors, but is still climbing the ladder one semester behind me...maybe she has mended her ways...

    "This one time, at Band camp...."

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    I worked last year at a daycamp, which sounds WAY less complicated than overnight camp....I worked everyday (except weekends), from 8-5. The health centre was generally overflowing with kids at any given time ( a lot of accidents...also a lot of fake tummyaches). At the end of the summer I was exhausted and vowed not to return this year...but I am going back! It's close to home, good hours, full time, and my son gets to attend. Plus, since I am still a student (off for the summer), this job is the best paying one I have ever had. However, since I will graduate in December, I don't see myself going back next year.

    Highly recommend day camp nursing for a student summer job!

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    Finishing up the RN diploma program at Centennial College in Toronto, then planning to get my degree part-time at Ryerson...

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    I wouldn't say that I sailed through, but I found that I never needed to study much for tests...going to class and taking notes burned the information into my memory fairly well...I studied 1-2 nights before a test, by re-writing notes from my textbooks to refresh my memory...then I would give myself mock tests to see what I still needed to cram in. It worked pretty well; the lowest mark I received was a C. However, I have comprehensive exams coming up, and will really have to refresh my memory for those!

    I'd have to say though that the information learned in classes and regurgitated on tests is not the most important...clinical is the main area where the gears in your head really start to turn, and you can see all that knowledge culminating and being put to use. Clinical placements have been the most enjoyable part for me-it seems to fit like a glove. Regardless of grades, that's where you realize how much you really have learned.

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    My class has the same problem, but it;s just with one particular student...she would get all the test answers from a girl in the class that had taken it before us, and get A's. she would use the other girl's paper after it had been marked, and just change some things around a little. Apparantly she has been doing this since semester 1...we reported her this past semester but nothing at all was done. It makes me really angry to know that everyone else is busting their butts, and she is breezing through like this. All we honest students can sometimes do is take solace in the fact that cheaters will either fail their RN exam, get caught cheating off of someone else's paper, or will eventually lose their licence to practice (at the expense of several endangered patients, of course)....these people have no respect or understanding of ethics....

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    Wow, it sounds like some of you are really in a pickle about finances and school....I'm a single mom trying to finish up my last semester, and I've been blessed enough to have ample student loans to pay my tuition, books and all of my living first I was overwhelmed by how much I'd have to pay back, but half of my loan will be paid by the government once I finish in Dec. I've never been in a predicament over $$$ and school...I guess all I can say is that you want it bad enough, and you'll work your butt off to get it one way or another...I certainly would have done anything to make this happen for myself and my son :wink2:

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    I got accepted to all three schools I applied to on the first try-one of the schools didn't even make me take an entrance examination. But hey, I guess that's Canada for you-this place is thirsty for nurses....