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    Yeah, they're threatening to do this at my hospital as well, so I guess it's back to the books to get my RN and look for another LPN job to tide me over in the matter, the hospital I work for treats all their employees as "disposable" - truthfully, I'd love to hit the Powerball and tell them what most of us there REALLY REALLY think. The RNs don't want to lose the LPNS, as we are viewed as a valuable asset to them. At least someone there appreciates us Administrators there are typical of most professions, really...pencil pushers who have no idea what we go through in the trenches every night, I think the only reason that my place seems to be replacing Ls by attrition, as opposed to flat out layoffs, is that they don't have enough Rs or CNAs to replace us....yet

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    Yeah, I take a handful, but always have, long before becoming a nurse. At the moment, I take a multi-v, a B+C, a D, some Calc/Mag/Zinc, a glucosamine/MSM, some fish (or flax seed) oil, Panax ginseng, and my 'script' meds (lisinopril, and Keppra). I usually eat pretty healthily (I don't eat while working.....we're the only 8 hour floor in the hospital, I work nights, and eating makes me sleepy...heh). Also, I drink yerba mate (as opposed to coffee/tea/soda/energy drinks). I feel pretty good for an old epileptic with htn...heh.

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    Hmmmm .... being an LPN on our cardiac rehab floor working night shift (2300 to 0700 ... only 8 hr floor in the hospital, dangit!!!), my top 5 would likely be, in no particular order:

    Hydrocodone ..... these last 2 mostly prn, but a LOT of them.

    ..... never realized how many folks take thyroid meds until entering this profession...

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    Quote from nursey nurse nurse
    I recently noticed on the MAR at the LTC facility i work in, that a nurse had put mine and other nurses initials on there. The weird thing is that she put our initials stating that a resident had been up in a chair on 11-7 shift with a self-release belt which did not occur. She also put my initials on a shift when I wasn't even on duty. I am very upset but not sure the proper way to handle this situation. I've been a nurse for 10 years and nothing like this has ever happened to me. Any advice?
    Sounds like someone needs to be "written up," as it's called at my place of employment. If someone did that to me, I'd go straight to the bosses, get them written up..... but only so if you're certain it was that particular individual. In any case, if anyone documented something under my name/initials, I'd still go to the powers that be and tell them what went down, even if you don't know for sure who did it. That's no minor thing....... protect yourself!!!

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    Am assuming that by "nursing shortage," you mean in terms of staffing/employed nurses.... there are a LOT of nurses in this country ... the "shortage" in the workplace can only be blamed on the employer...mine included.

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    Have never heard of that or run across that on my floor. I learned something today

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    DOH!!! And I thought this thread might be about BIcycles...LOL!!! I'd love to have a sportbike (we live in the foothills of the Smokies and not all that far from the infamous Dragon).......but I'd probably kill myself. I DO have a great love for cycling (mountainbiking esp, and a good mtb with a set of slicks works dang well on the roads as well). So...... nevermind, and carry on. Motorcycles are pretty dang cool, just feel "safer" with human powered 2 wheeled vehicles...heh.

    FWIW, my hospital has several dedicated parking spaces in the lot for cycles only, which is cool .... seems to be a 50/50 mix of cycles and scooters

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    Have I ever thought about it??? Yup!!! Do I still ??? Regularly.... I love my floor, my patients (well, a lot of them...) and just about all of my co-workers, but the hospital's mgt and staffing leaves much to be desired... I'm tired of working with a skeleton crew with more and more "responsibilities" assigned to our short-staffed night shift. I'm about over all of it.... If we work over, we get spoken to....if we don't get everything done (no matter the patient load) we get spoken to...if we stay late off the clock to finish charting, we get spoken to....our last unit meeting, we were told to not clock out and finish tasks on the clock...which will only lead to more being spoken to, and at this point there is not enough help and too much work to finish it in our allotted hours (oh, yeah - if we get "no lunch," we have to get the house supervisor to come and physically sign the Kronos exception sheet ....easier said than done). OK, am done ranting... I do love what I do, I love the folks I work with , but there's just too much BS involved in trying to stay out of "trouble" which shouldn't be considered "trouble" in the first.... I hate pencil-pushers/bean-counters - they should walk a mile (or 10) in our shoes every night. <sigh>

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    Quote from shannag03
    Hi everyone!

    LPN school starts for me January and I just passed the entrance exam last week so I am very excited to start. I have a few questions because I am a little bit anxious about the program because I have heard horror stories about the pharmacology and physiology class and also im not that great at math. So here are my questions for you all

    1. What was your favorite class in nursing school and why?
    2. What was your worst class and what tools did you use to help you pass?
    3. How many hours per week did you study?
    4. Do you have any children and how was that like while being in nursing school?(I have a small child)
    5. What was your overall experience?

    1. No favorite....

    2. Pharm ... the instructor was about as interesting as a corpse...she was an incredibly smart lady, just.....boring and quiet.

    3. Countless...

    4. 2 kids, one was 15/16 while in school, and one was 12/13 at the same time.

    5. My overall experience was very positive, for my program. Of course, it helped, at the time, that our local hospital had an LPN program that had a job waiting for you when you graduated from their program.... apparently, there is no guaranteed job offer for graduates of the same program, now....

    I love my job..... MOST nights...

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    Depends on where you live ... places with higher cost-of-living usually pay higher wages .... not making all that much here in east TN .... but it surely beats the times I spent not working!!! And being paid hourly ain't salary - no way I'd work salary, or they'd make you work overtime a lot...... mgt is very down on even 15 minutes overtime in my facility....pretty ridiculous, beings as our "typical" week is 37.5 hours ..... would have to work 2.5 hrs over before they'd be paying OT rate.....dang penny pinchers and pencil pushers!!!

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    I can't say much ..... at times, I feel I'm working in a pain clinic (I'm sorry, but if someone rates their pain as a 10 out of a possible 10 level, they won't be resting comfortably, sedately, and mellow. Perhaps they don't understand the concept of the PRS, or perhaps they just want their high/low...... I am not going to judge, just going to do what I can). My facility policy is if someone complains of pain, it gets documented and treated with whatever med is available to administer at that time. Someone who can't get their Dilaudid push, but can have a Vicodin will then want a Phenergan push along with the Vicodin, with absolutely no c/o nausea, which cracks me up - and ticks off the RNs. We get our share of apparent "drug seekers," but .... we're not here to judge, and if the doc has meds prescribed, then the pt gets them when available. It's not MY call...MDs are primarily responsible for the great prescription addiction problem in the US.

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    Not a blooper (as it's obviously deliberate....), but we have an RN on my floor who puts smiley faces in her assessments..... LOL

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    Quote from HeartsOpenWide
    They can not fire you for no reason.
    Perhaps depends on the state you work in??? Apparently you can be fired at will in some states, yet you must give 2 weeks notice if you're leaving..... what a crock.

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    Can't relate to those choices..... I tend to agree with John Lennon's take on things.... "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. ... "

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    I work an old-school unit as well (8 hr shifts)...I work nights 23:00 to 07:00, 5 nights per week, every other weekend off. I don't mind it....I love my unit and my co-workers!!!