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    please i am a urse in a small hospital i just found out i have hepc i don't know how i got it,i didn't get stuck by a needle . i am so scared of what to expect treatments,work , diet ? i am just so scared

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    Iam a nurse in a small hospital also and i just found out that i have hepc and i don't know what to if you have anything you can tell me please do. i am so scared,i haven't quit crying since i was told. what kind of treatments did you take ,i just don't know how i got this i am not or ever been a drug user and i always wear gloves with pts. please if anyone has this tell me what to expect,can i lose my job,if i do i lose my health care coverage. i am so scared

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    Whoa I Must Work In The Same Place You Do Its All Sounds So Familar But All Of My Don Adon Owner Are All Kin Try Working In These Conditions And Most Of The Office Staff Are Kin. When I First Started Working There Somebody Told Me Watch What You Say And They Were Right. But I Stay Because I Love My Residents