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    Quote from MaleNursesRock
    I hear ya brother.

    I too am a male, married, awith 2 yr old. soooo i can totally relate.

    --my wife is an RN also, and what i did to "appease" the masses was i got a "routine" down to a science that appeased everyone.

    what i did-is this

    i would wake up around-530 am or so with my son-i would get him situated , BFAST , dressed etc, i would do the housework, dishes , pick up toys, put in a load of laundry--etc since i would do this everyday-it was kept up and not much needed to be done.

    then my wife would get home around 630-and the house was cleaned and her son was taken care for--WIFE IS HAPPY

    then she would spend time with him for a few hours before she went to bed

    during this time i would do questions-because when i took my tests it wa always around 0800 start time-so i got used to this-taking questions at 0800

    a few hours this and wife went to bed-i took over dad duties-anf thorought the day-especially for his naps i would review content.

    --this worked for me and kept everyone happy and stress free-

    hope this helps


    Thanks bro, maybe if i passed this NCLEX test, I would be laughing in the end with this kind of preparation. Sometimes, I get emotional, tired but it makes me stronger especially when I'm with my daughter.I'm not losing hope. This is my 2nd time for NCLEX and hopefully with God's grace, He will give it to me as I work my way to it. Congrats JON "NCLEX SLAYER".IF anything happens to my NCLEX test I'll post it here no matter what the result is.Thanks bro...--"The Soldier Boy"

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    I think many of you would disagree about my obstacles when studying for the NCLEX.Can't believe it.My wife seem to really don't care how much effort I make for this exam. I know it's mother's day, I forgot to give her a gift and now here she is, our house is a mess.I'm too busy reading my book and doing household chores and yet she just throw those ???? words that I embraced my sleeping daughter for comfort.I hoped she just go away like what she said then I would really be joke... Are some guys here in my position? I'm taking NCLEX on July, hope these obstacles help me to focus more.Ma'am suzanne4 I will keep my word, I won't take a review course and I will follow your plan.please helpme....God bless me!!

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    Quote from suzanne4
    And there is no way that she will be able to retest in 45 days if she wishes my help. It is absolutely insane to do that, and no way to prepare properly for it.

    If she wishes my help, she needs to complete the first tip and then there is a full 45 day program to follow and you never want to be preparing up until the day of the exam, brains need time to just absorb what it has learned.
    And mailings are only done every two weeks.

    She also should take at least a week before she starts to prepare again if she wishes the best chance of passing.
    Hi! miss suzanne4, how about me. I've done the 3rd editon and also the qs. what's my next move. please help me.. Do I have to start all over again with the 4th and re schedule my exam? I had improved my scores in CDs after reading the 3rd edition book. The book has a lot of tools and infos.thanks

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    Quote from posh1104
    hi jemmacute!
    im also from the philippines..
    and i think we have the same experience!
    i took my first nclex last march.. failed it..
    and im retaking probably on june or july..
    got me up to 265! damn that anxiety attack!

    hi! POsh. do you plan to take a review course? I'll be attending mine at URC and it's only a final coaching program and don't really used to attend review courses coz I can't stand waiting for long hours of listening taht's why I took the final coaching.good luck..:wink2:

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    Quote from suzanne4
    Would not recommend it. The CD only comes with the book and is not available on its own legally.

    Your choice as to what to do, but I would recommend going thru the 4th edition and then use the CD that comes with that.
    Hi! Ma'am suzanne. But does it mean I have to buy the 4th edition and read all over again. But if it does what you suggest, I'm more willing to follow it. My question is, do I have to re schedule my exam so as to finish the book? thanks and more power

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    I'm using the 3rd ed. now. and I'm about to finish the book. Can I just used the 4th ed CD instead of buying another book (4th ed.)? I'm about to take the NCLEX exam on the 20th of JUne, my 2nd attempt.The first one, I was really overconfident after passing my local board exam here in the Philippines.I thought I only need to cram on questions available but when I took my first NCLEX exam, whoah!! I stopped at 98th q and really don't have the idea on how to manage those difficult q's. I almost guessed most of the q's like weighing the choices, not until the last 5 to 8 q's were the q's were so easy that you don't have to think of the answer.I thought I was doing fine until the comp stoppped.Then booom!! I failed,that's all thank you...