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    If the Op works scheduled 8 hr shifts /5 days a week and 2 of those days are the week-end why shouldn't she be expected to work the week-end. Just because she was in the courtroom 5 days doesn't exclude her for working a scheduled week-end Being on a jury is not a "job" as many posters alluded to. A juror sits in a chair and listens... they are not doing any labor. Again as a juror you are not "working" . Sure your not doing what you may like to be doing on your days off but as mentioned it is only for 3 weeks and your civic duty. If you are a 12 hour employee and 2 of your 3 days are the week-end then absolutelty you are expected to work. Now if you are a night shift employee and had to work Sun night then you would need to be excused from work Sunday night so you could attend jury Monday morning.....if you worked Friday noc and Sat noc you would be expected to work even if you were in court all day friday. My hospital excuses you on the days you have to serve only. The hospital pays your wage for the day . If the employee missed all their scheduled shifts during the week our employeer can not make the employee pick up other days during the week such as the week-end they can only make them work if they were scheduled the week-end.
    By the way we are Unionized.

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    Very well said......I would love to have you as one of my employees.

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    The ethical dilemma comes into play when you start choosing what patient you will treat first...the "con team" has to support their decision to let the pt who is getting CPR be last on the list.... this is a hypthetical situtation which does stimulate thier critical thinking we all know if this were a real situtation you would keep the "squad" doing CPR one of the nurses available would deal with PT #1 and the other #2, a call would be paged to the supervisor and calls for assisstance from other floors but the assignment is about the ethical dilemma of choosing one patient over the other...good luck in your assignment

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    At my hospital all floor nurses are 12 shifts .....everyone differs some like to work all 3 days in a row . some don't...our staff can not be scheduled more than 2 weekends out of a 4 week schedule ...sometimes they only have to work one weekend depends on request off for days that we allow staff to do...staff can request off 8 days per schedule 4 can be week end days . I have staff that request to work all weekends Fri-sat-sun, I have one employee who works 3 on one off 3 on then has a 7 day stretch off before starts the same rotation...some on nocs work 6 in a row to get a 8 day stretch off... we are very flexible as long as all shifts are covered

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    work acute care nsg....all nursing depts have to post a schedule 2 weeks in advance of the next schedule starting.our schedules are in 4 week increments based a 2 week pay period. No changes can be made to schedule once posted unless all parties are in agreement.

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    My hospital pays 6 holidays a year...if you work you get paid time and half for all 12 hours plus you get paid an extra 8 hours , (that you don't work ) in the same week whether you work the holiday or not (it is your holiday pay) working holiday gives you a 44 week (actual worked hours are 36 and 16 are at time and half as anything over 40 hrs in a week is OT) ...if you have the holiday off you still get 40 hours but only 4 at OT...... we have a set holiday schedule ... all the nursing staff on are scheduled a summer holiday and a winter holiday (A,B,C groups) when the A group works their 2 holidays they move into the B group for the next year and so you will get the holiday you just worked off for 2 years before you work it again...
    works well there is no squabbling ,it is fair for all, and staff can make arrangement with each other to change a holiday for that year but with the understanding they will still be in the same rotatation for the following year which may mean being on for 2 of the same holiday 2 years in a row due to a switch and this has not been a is nice also to know what holidays you will be scheduled so you can make family plans well in advance. Hope this info hepls someone.....

    Happy Holidays to all

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    Candlewood.....the ones I have stayed at have a kithchen area with full frig, cooktop, dishwasher, microwave, cupboards with all the dishes and pots and pans you will need. The bed was decent, room clean. Cost around $100.00 per may be able to get a better deal as a travler I am not sure...worth a try. Good luck

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    Sorry..your having to wait for a RN position but that is just the way it works. Did you expect the facility to create a position for you just because you work there. This same scenario has played out at my facility numerous times from aides to LPNs going back to school getting a degree in nursing and having to wait for an open position. They have to stay and work in the position they had whatever that may have been (aide, LPN) and do not get to practice at the level of their degree . Management (your manager) is not being unsupportive as their is nothing your manager can do if thier are no open positions. You have to wait your turn or move on. I know an RN who practiced as an LPN for over 9 months until an RN position opened up that she could bid. Every hospital have staffing levels that have to met and therefore can not just create a postions. As far losing skills..I highly doubt that. From my experience most new grads have few skills under their belt..they come to the floor with tons to learn . We have new grads who have never put foley's in or started IV's.
    Perhaps you should look for a job elsewhere hone your skills and reapply at this facility when positions open. But don't burn your bridges by" going higher up " over your manager as it will most likely cost you a position. You will be viewed as a trouble maker.
    Good luck

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    Quote from ColleenRN2B
    If it were me, I'd contact her employer. THEY will deal with her from there. She violated HIPAA while working in their facility, not while acting as a student of your school, so I'd leave your college out of it. If she's dismissed from the program, that'll be the fallout she'll have to deal with, but she wasn't "their problem" when she made such a STUPID decision....
    Correct....the school is not the one to notify unless the individual violating Hippa did so in the capacity as a student while doing Clinicals. Report the incident to your Hippa Officer and let them do the investigation and follow thru.

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    Quote from FurtureR
    What is the point of getting a LPN license? A majority of places dont hire LPNs anymore unless you want to be stuck in a LTC or home health. From experiance a lot of LPNs in the LTC and Home Health are not the brightest bunch no offense to anyone. If your long term goal is to be a RN why not just go stright for the RN license?
    WOW....did you put yourself out there......curious... what experience have had with LTC and Home Health LPN's to make the statement you did about thier mental capacity ?? I work in acute care and we employee LPNs and they are pretty bright!!! In some cases more than a few RN's.
    You might want to change your user name

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    We are union..staffing ratios on Med-Surg with tele patients 7:1 both day shift and night shift. Some days it is absolutely crazy with the discharges and admissions. Some nurses can easily end their shift having cared for almost double what they started with due to discharges and admissions. You just do it if you want a job. The union employees file "unsafe staffing" but they have no grievance as management reserves the right to set staffing levels the union can not mandate patient ratios.

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    Produce a holiday schedule and present it to the manager in a manner that indicates the staff understand how difficult it is to produce a staffing schedule and you all got togerther and came up with a schedule you all felt was workable and just want to present it to her to help . My staff have done this before and I have looked at it and sometimes I do take the suggestions. My night staff have 2 nurses who share the schedule alternating every other month and then I approve it. I have made changes occasionally and no-one gets upset. Several other nursing Units have one person on staff do the schedule instead of the manager and we are a unionized hospital.
    But you need to present your ideas to your manager so she doesn't feel she is losing control over the schedule or being undermined. Good Luck

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    We have 6 paid holidays 3 summer 3 winter. We have a staffing policy that states no employee will be scheduled more than 3 of the six and one of the three will be a winter holiday. A staff member can offer to work more than three as we pay time and half for working holidays and some staff like to get OT and don't care about holiday.Our policy also states if more than one person request to have a holiday off and all request can not be accomadated then whoever didn't work the previous year will be given the holiday off first. On my Unit we have a set schedule .... it works out you only have to work 2 hoildays a year and they are one winter and one summer...then you rotate into the next set for the following year. so you have Chirstmas off 2 years in a row before your scheduled again. This works a bit different with our noc aides and secretaries as there are only 2 of them to split 6 holidays so they do 3 a year and rotate. We have been doing this for 3 years and it is 100 % better than it was before when the staff would squabble about who would have to work and who we get what holidays off. Now everyone knows and can plan ahead. Our schedules are posted for 4 weeks at a time based on our pay period for starting and ending dates and are always posted 2 weeks prior to the next one starting. Staff are allowed to request off 8 days a schedule with 4 of those days being weekends if they desire. Staff are never scheduled more than 2 weekends per a 4 week scheduled unless they request to work extra week-ends as some do (no weekend diff) as they like having 4 days off in a row or the slower pace (sometimes not) or to avoid working with some managers (its the truth). If someone is in nursing school or taking pre-reqs for nursing they get preference for days off and they are not counted toward thier 8 days allowed for request off. . Also, if staff are taking vacation we don't count those days against them for the 8 r/o days per schedule. Hope some of this helps.

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    Quote from brillohead
    It may be a "huge waste of money" but which would the floor prefer -- no tech/aide/CNA at all, or an over-qualified one? (I also agree that it's a good idea to work "in the trenches" from time to time; teams work better when everyone understands everyone else's perspective, IME).

    I don't see it so much as putting your license "on the line" if they're not expecting you to do any nursing duties that would require taking report. But if you notice that so-and-so is turning blue, they would expect you to use your RN-educated brain and do things that "just a tech" may not know how (or be licensed/authorized) to do. That's my understanding of the expectation of being held to the level of your license -- is it something that you, as an RN, should have known better than to do.

    You're not going to be asked to pass meds or call the doctor and take verbal orders -- because those aren't "tech duties" -- but if someone codes and you're nearby, you're expected to "be an RN" (because you are one) and do whatever it takes to save that person's life (just like you'd do for any patient whether you're working as an RN or not, whether they're your patient or not -- you don't refuse to work a code because you never received report on that particular patient).
    AMEN......hmm no aide or over qualified "body" seems to be a no brainer to me

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    Med-Surg Unit 26 beds...we eliminated the Charge as the "Charge" was really nothing besides assigning a bed and a nurse to take the patient and got a dollar more an hour. We now decide among ourselves who will take the patient and what room. It actually has worked out. We have managers M-F 7-3 who do the bed assigning and handle other issues. After 3 and off times for managers, we have a Shift Coordinator who handles problems and usually has the nurses decide where pt go and who will take the pt. Prior to not having a charge one of the nurses would be charge and carry a full assignment.