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    [quote=pinoyNP;2811951]You have to actually know what kinds of jobs are out there in your geographical area if you do not plan to move and go where the jobs are. quote]

    Absolutely! I had been at a Level I Trauma center for 7+ yrs. They actually paid me to go back to school to work as an "intesivist/hospitalist" for a large surgical group. My relocation was unexpected, so I think I should add to your comment that you should look at all job opportunities in all possible settings that you may ever find yourself now or in the future! I am really in a bad position right now and am actually thinking about going back to staff nursing

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    TraumaRU, How have you handled this. It's really a problem for me right now. Every interviewer has been completely impressed with my CV and said that they would hire me on the spot if I could see peds. Here, they see approx. 40% peds.

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    Iconoclast: I am a graduate of Vandy's ACNP program. I had many years of trauma/ICU RN experience prior to starting the program and thought that I would stay at Vandy afterwards. Infortunately...I have found myself in a very rural area of Idaho...jobless because I can't see peds. Think long and hard about what you want to do. If you want to work in a specialty clinic or non acute setting...ANP may be the way to go for you. Especialy if you want to do a distance course from Vandy. I have been told by the BON of two states, ANCC, and Vanderbilt that ACNPs can only see ages 18 and older. I have read on this forum that other ACNPs see 12+, but I can't be sure about that in my state. ANPs can see 12+ in all states, so I think that may give you a broader range down the line. If I had to do it all over again I would choose the FNP route, but I understand the need for distance ed!