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    I agree that he needs to support you in your dreams and goals for yourself, but it can't be 100% him supporting you. You have to give support and understand to him as well.

    You have to respect and try to be understanding of his feelings about the income being less with you in school. Just like he has to respect and try to understand your desire to switch career paths and do something that will make you happier in your life.

    You can both support eachother 100% without completely agreeing on everything. Just because he has money worries right now does not mean that he would want you to give up on your dream and do something that would make you less than happy. It probably has more to do with his own current fears and his need to share those with you and you just have to give him what he needs to make that easier. And by that I'm not saying quit school and go back to work, I'm saying talk with him about how much you will be earning as soon as you are out of school and ways you guys can build savings back up after you start work as well as some goals about how soon you can get your loans paid off.

    Maybe seeing someone about budgeting now and coming up with future projections for your finances could put his mind at ease.

    All he might really need is for you to hear his feelings and acknowledge (did I spell that right???) them.

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    Quote from 58flyer
    Did he say why the pain was inflicted? Was it an erection issue or something else? Scary to think someone would do that to a 13 year old (or anybody) unless there was some medical necessity.
    First, thank you for reading my post and I'm sorry I am so late with rechecking this thread. It's been an insane week and it's only half over!

    I don't know exactily what the situation was, but it was because he had an erection and there was no medical reason to stop it. At least I don't see how there could have been a medical reason for it, he was never in the hospital for anything below the belt as a child.

    What I find scary is that someone would do this to anyone, reguardless of their age. It's assault, plain and simple.

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    with lots and lots of support!

    I have 2 kids, age 4 (5 in 2 months) and 2.5. My girl will be starting school this fall (me too!) and my boy will still have a couple / few years before he goes but between myself, my husband, aunts, uncles and grandparents I have enough support to be sure my babies are always taken care of when I can't be the one there with them.

    I do dread being a few years into it and the fact that the help I will need will increase then because I already feel like I'm going to be "dumping" my kids on my family. I just keep reminding myself that I want this and going back to school is a good thing. Moms deserve to have something more than just being a mom, right?

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    I have not started my nursing program yet, so take this for what it's worth.

    When I first read the OP I was shocked. I can't figure out for the life of me what a man's erection has to do with *any* care he is recieving unless it was something having to do directly with the penis and a medical need for it to be flaccid.

    I had to ask my husband after I read this. He spent a great deal of his childhood in hospitals and he has had many things done during his military service and he said he had a nurse inflict pain on his penis (not scrotum) when he was around 13 years old. The thought of anyone doing that to him, or my son, brother, father makes me furious and like I said, I am not even in a program yet but you can be sure that your story touched at least 1 future RN because this will never be a practice of mine, taught or not.

    I don't have anything to add on patient privacy other than it isn't unreasonable to expect to not have everything flashed to everyone who walks past your door, and to have same sex care given if the patient is that uncomfortable. Maybe those who deal on a daily basis with the nudity of others take that for granted because it's just something they are so used to? I suspect more men would prefer a man over a woman but they don't speak up because female nurses are so much more common.

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    I'm not sure why you would be sorry but alrighty then.

    I personally think having someone to talk to about their experience is a great thing. I'm pretty sure that's why I see all the pre-nursing students on this forum.

    Thanks to her I won't have to make the same mistakes that she feels she made when she was a new student and the time and energy I will save from that alone is priceless!

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    My little family unit is getting ready for a huge life change. My husband is going to be retired from the military soon and we are changing states, our oldest child will start school this year and my husband will either be starting school himself or he will be starting a new job. If everything works out the way I would like it to, I will earn my BSN from a good 4 year program, which I will apply to after I have as many needed credits out of the way as possible. The area we are moving to does have a good 2 year program for ADN, which is possibly what I will end up having to do depending on the path our lives take after our move. I just hope that I get to continue with my schooling and someday earn that BSN if I have to compromise.

    My sister is currently a LPN and she's working out plans to start a program for either her ADN or BSN next year. Having her guidance while I make these plans has been invaluable.