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    Quote from morte
    use your critical thinking skills....if you are going to give a child a med by WEIGHT, what is missing out of that information???????
    the second one, if you go on the basis of the ans is ya got me
    the child is 32kg sorry i guess i forgot to add the most important bit lol

    As for the second one i cant really change the question as thats how it is but
    Thanks for trying anyway

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    Quote from morte
    the first one you dont have all needed info, or at least you didnt share it.....the second one would have to be clarified with the doc, because as you have transcribed they are not equivalent drugs...good luck
    That was actually the whole question and we are suppose to calculate it and i'm not sure how to do it.

    The supposed answer for the first question is 16ml but i don't know how to get to that answer

    And the second ones answer is 3ml but i don't know how to get that answer either...

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    Hi all i am desperately in need of help

    Can someone explain to me how to do this please so confused...

    The doctor orders a child ibuprofen 10mg/kg every 6 hours for relief of pain.How many ml of ibuprofen 100mg/5ml will you administer.

    How do you do this

    and also

    The doctor orders amoxycillin trihydrate 75 mg/potassium clavulanate 18.75 mg PO b.d. for an urinary tract infection (UTI). The pharmacy dispenses amoxicillin 125mg/clavulanate 31.25 mg per 5 mL as Augmentin suspension. How many mL will you instruct the child's parent to administer?

    Any help is appreciated


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    I was just wondering if i go out on placement and happened to see one of my family members as the patient and the Registered Nurse who is in charge of me is taking care of that patient am i allowed to assist this rn in my familys care....

    Is that allowed its just that i read somewhere that it was called a dual relationship and that its not permitted

    Hope someone can clarify this


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    Hi guys well i having a little trouble with my maths well mainly on these two questions

    Prepare a dosage if 0.6mg from an available strength of 1000 mcg per 2ml

    I calculated it and got 1.2 mls i think that its right but unsure

    and mainly this question

    A dosage of 200mcg is ordered. the strength available is 0.3mg in 1.5ml. Determine the required dosage in ml.

    Well this is my working out but then i got stuck

    200 mcg 4 2
    ----- cancel then divide the numbers and got ----- cancel = ---
    300 mcg (i converted the 0.3 mg) 6 3

    then place them in the formula

    2 1.5
    -- x --- = then i just don't know how to do it i multiplied it and got 10
    3 1 but that doesn't seem right....

    any help is greatly appreciated

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    Hi guys just wondering if you could help me out on the possible psychological and environmental effects that might have on a 4 yr old child who is in hospital. Displays signs and symptoms of anorexia,fever vomitting wheezing and dry mouth

    ive already thought of some ideas such as possible stress related to being away from home. Anxiousness due to the fact that he is in a unfamiliar environment. But cant seem to think of anything else.

    Hope you can help me

    Thanks in Advance


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    Hey guys i'm just wondering if you could give me some feedback on what happens in your day to day life as a psychiatric nurse?

    Just asking because i am thinking of venturing into that field or maybe aged care but would be really interested on your perspectives.


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    Thanks so much LLG for you input i was struggling quite a bit on that notion but you have cleared it up and yes it was for an assignment that i just handed in today.Once again Thankyou!!!

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    Hey guys i was just wondering if any body knows what Dorothea Orems model or theory is actually called.As i am a bit confused on the mixed feed back i am getting from journal articles and textbooks which seems to be saying that the self care deficit theory (SCDT) consists of three theories including nursing systems theory, the self care theory and the SCDT but i also read in another source that it is a self care model that consists of these three theories.

    Was it a model or theory that she created........

    Help i am so confused
    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Hey guys im a 1st year nursing student and is currently stressing on a pratical assesment i have this week on safe patient moving.I just don't know if what i'm doing is right.Ill be tested on moving a patient on his side then moving a patient up the bed then moving a patient down the bed ahhhhhh... just too much to remember i'm know that this is an on bed task so we will be using slide sheets but i just cant remember the correct method of doing the correct way of moving them.My memory seems hopeless since the 2wk break:stone.I just dont want to fail seeing for others it appears to be a simple task. Any help would be greatly appreciated!