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    I am working for a company that deals with liability insurance, workers comp claims and medicare set-asides..My title is medical review nurse consultant. I currently reside in the state of florida. Thanks for your kind words.

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    I appreciate both of you guys opinions. I am 37 and I know what I want, so far I love my job, I think at my age it is more important to be happy with what you do..and believe me, I am still learning, I have to research medications, diagnostic procedures, codes, and equipment that I have never heard of before...I also believe that you can be at the bed side for 30yrs and if you decide to go to the administrative side of nursing, you will bring the yrs of experience to the company; but you will also have to still be trained and learn diffrent things that your not use to..I have worked in healthcare for several yrs and the rest has been, if i was a new grad about 20yrs old then maybe i would have put up with situations that did not make me happy...but things are going good and I'm mentally challenge, not physically..Good Luck to everyone and to all the nurses out there i love saying this quote.."if you cant change the things around you, then change the things around."

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    Let me start by saying that im not currently holding three jobs, my first job was in july at a nursing home i stayed there for 5 months and kept applying while maintaining employment, I tell you i was on career builder, job circle, monster, ect..every single day, then I was offered a job at a hospital on the night shift, med surg; i dreaded going to work on a daily bases, i couldnt sleep the night before i had to be at work, i continued to apply for only clerical positions and I swore to my self that I would not leave the hospital unless i could find an administrative job as a nurse..I went on an interview on my day off got offered a position as a medical review nurse consultant and i can honestly say im happy as heck...just keep pluggin away and only apply for jobs that you will be happy with and dont let lack of experience stop you...the job i applied for they was asking for BSN and experience, I applied and she only needed one person but i sold myself in that interview and was confident in what i could offer..

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    Quote from kaikou
    Can you provide mor information on this career avenue? What company are you working for? How did you go about searching for such a career?

    Thanks for any information you can provide.
    I used careerbuiler, monster, jobcircle and researched positions that had case management, coordinator, medical review..I have a cousin who work with an insurance company..if you go to blue cross, sedwick, aetna, unitedhealthgroup, they post position all the time i was lucky to get this job, it's a small company but there training will allow me to get a higher position with a larger company in the future..if your interested hartford life has positons open im not sure your location but its a good way to get your foot in the door if your looking for administrative positon RN/LPN..good luck...

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    Thank you sooo much, I want to be supportive to other new grads going through rough times and let them know there are options, I have a class mate who got her first job as a coordinator for childrens clinic and she loves it.

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    I was in the same boat, im a nurse with only 7months exp. I just got offered a job with an insurance company handling workers compensation, and medicare set asides, they are wiling to train and im making more than I was at the hospital with less stress, girl apply to diffrent positions that hold your interest, even if you dont qualify, stay with your current job while actively looking, and dont listen to negative people, I had people tell me I was job hopping and I need to sit still..I did what made me happy and now i can say, I feel blessed and proud of my accomplishments. Good luck

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    I have been a Registered Nurse for 7months and I am on my third job, I know this sounds bad, but i just want to say that my first job was in LTC/Rehab we had 30 patients I was hired as supervisor and still had patients to tend to on the floor, I was on the floor everyday with patients and expected to oversee staff and any other problems that arised in the facility, i stayed 5 months, then I got a job at the Hospital Med-Surg and night shift can have 7-8 patient, im on my feet all day and im running around trying to put out fires (expression) i dreaded going to work and i had anxiety and could not sleep the night before, we had techs but they are always busy or missing so im doing tech stuff and my stuff and trying to keep up with labs, test, doctors, hourly rounds, never ending charting, I just felt its not worth it..I know they say we need one year in med-surg but im here to tell you, i stayed on job sites every day looking for an administrative position, I got a lot of No's but I did get a yes..I have a job starting thursday with a small insurance company I will be handling workers comp claim, they are willing to train and i will be working with to coordinator to assist, my future goal is to get my certification in case management. Every since i got into nursing i knew i wanted to be on the administrative side of things and I have a strong administrative background. I feel so happy to know that im finally doing a job that makes me happy and all you newbies it can't hurt to look around and apply, even if you think you dont qualify, still apply go where your heart is, we worked hard for this degree and we should be happy in whatever path we choose..thanks for listening.

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    Thanks for your honesty...I must admit I'm scared as hell..but I have applied to about every hospital within one hour and a half drive from me and they just are not hiring new grads..I feel very discouraged. The supervisor role does make me uncomfortable..I wonder if I could ask for a regular staff RN position made a lot of good points..only one of my family members are in the healthcare she is an RN and I did express my concerns with her and she felt it was ok..being i want to get into case management..thats what she does..she did work in the ER straight out of school...and she has been doing the administrative side of nursing for several years now!!! Maybe she didnt want to discourage so confused....I will surely take your advice into consideration.

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    Just wanted to post that I graduated in May of 2009 I have been looking for and applying for new grad positions in the hospital since feb of 2009 to get a jump start before I no I started applying at rehab facilities and they have been calling I have accepted a position at a facility and they want to train me for a supervisor position..I will be working 11p-7a..and they are paying more than the saying that to say this..nothing wrong with starting in a LTC or Rehab Facility you can always get back into the hospital and depending on your long term goals..mine is to get into case management so this will be a plus for me..good luck to all the new grads.

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    Hello, I am a new grad..RN..I went on an interview got offered a position on the 11p-7a shift at a Rehabilitation facility..they offered me a supervisor position..and i was shocked..i said "you do know im a new grad" she said not to worry i would not be thrown to the wolves..I would get plenty of training and if i did not feel comfortable after my training i could extend it..they also hired another new grad for a supervisor position on the 3p-11p shift. Is this normal? Have you ever heard of this? I talk to my family and they feel it would be a good opportunity being my plan is to get into case management..all responses are greatly appreciated the good,bad and in advance...New Grad RN

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    Ok, here it is..I posted yesterday did the pearson vue trick..I got the pop-up telling me to contact my state board of nursing.ect.....Today I called the prof.license verification posed as a employer..told them I need to verify that a employee who was a GN had passed her boards..I gave my name and social security and they said my license was issued today..its only been 24hrs and I found out that I am an RN I got my license number and everything, also check the department of health site and I did see pass status..The trick worked for me..and my girlfriend tried it also the tricked worked for her also..Im in the state of florida if that helps.Congrats to those of you who passed and for those that didn't..dont give up, seriously you earned your nursing degree nobody can take that from you...atleast you get another chance to take the exam..good luck. Im happy I'm an RN

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    hi, well I took my exam today I had 75 questions, a lot of infection control, priority, sata, one drag and drop, no dosage at all..I was surprised..I guess I did ok.. I did the pearson vue trick around 4pm took my exam at 11am and i got the pop up to contact my state board of nursing..I'm hoping this trick works and I passed..I will let you know my results as soon as I get them in 48hrs I'm in Florida..some people have gotten them in 24hrs..anyone got there results in 24hrs? Do you think I did this trick to soon?

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    Hi, I took my exam at 11:00 this morning..I was so nervious and literally shaking..I started the exam and I felt my questions was not very hard..kaplan says if your questions are too easy they maybe lower level and your failing, so that just heightend my anxiety..I had around 10 sata, infection control, priority, dosage and one drag and drop. My computer shut off at 75 and my heart sank. My family just knows I did well but I just have this sinking feeling in my gut because I felt a lot of the questions was lower level type I came home and tried the Pearson Vue trick..and I got the pop up message to contact the state board of nursing..I'm really hoping this trick has relieved some of my anxiety..I will keep you guys posted..good luck to all of you taking this exam.

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    Hey, guys.

    I'm up can't sleep. I have an exam in the A.M. I am so scared. I have been studying from all sources but when I take the pratice test to see how im doing my scores are not that great...just venting. I will go into this exam tomorrow with a positive attitude..This is my first time taking this exam...hoping I will do great..does anyone know how long you have to wait before you can do the pearson vue trick..I will keep you guys posted..I will post tomorrow to help release my frustrations..I know I will have

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    hello future nurses, I'm scheduled to take my exam June 30..I'm so scared..I dont feel like im studying enough and Im burned out...I dont post very often but I wanted to share..good luck to everyone and I will keep you guys posted.