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    I would take the sprott program again if i did it over only for one reason... I got in right away and was out in a year.... if you are crap with studying and dont know the material you are doomed.... I paid to get my license is what I did... I taught myself and took the exam... and was it worth it? HECK YES.... I wanted to do teh RN program but wait was too long... wanted to do LPN at VCC.... again wait too long... so heck yes I am glad I did it at sprott... I have made a crap load of money and gained TONS of experience that no school can teach you.....

    I have never had an employer say EW SPROTT.... They go HEY what did you learn... and you then say BLAH BLAH and show you know what you are talking about....

    It honestly doesnt matter where you go, it's what you know and what you have retained..... When you are writing that 7 hour licensing exam... it wont matter where you took your coarse

    Like any schooling, you should always rely on yourself, because when school's out, you will have no teacher to tell you the answer.

    Good luck everyone!