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    You are invited to participate in a study examining sleep
    disturbances in nurse (RN and LPN) shiftworkers. You must be either American Indian or White non Hispanic and meet all the inclusion criterial (see This is a two phase study. You may participate in just phase one or volunteer for both phases. Phase I is an on-line survey. Subjects completing the survey and providing accurate mailing information will receive a $10.00 gift card to Walmart.
    Go to

    Phase 2: Subjects wear a wrist-watch size acitivity monitor or 5 24-hour days while working at least (2) 12-hour night shifts. Subjects meeting inclusion criteria and completing phase two receive $10.00/day ($50.00) plus a $25.00 gift card when all equipment has been returned and data has been verified.
    To volunteer or for more information, please go to Thanks for considering this request.
    Barbara Hobbs, Phdc RN, CNAA
    South Dakota State University