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    Please pray for my classmate Jim and co-worker Camille that they get the knowledge, strength, and wisdom they need from God to pass the nclex and finally hold a CA VN license. thanks so much and God bless you all! always

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    i've just taken the nclex-pn earlier at 2 pm. prayers prayers prayers plz!!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep praying for those who have or have not taken the exam. i dunno what I should feel at the moment! ... God bless you all!

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    prayers are greatly needed for me(Jesse), Jim, Alma, Kat, Kathreena, Carlo, Janette, Angelica, and all of the school mates from ACC batch '09. I also join everyone here in prayer for those about to take the nclex pn or rn. God bless you all!

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    hec yes! that spanish for medical is a great program! everything was cool and i learned a lot from it.

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    hey i know know this question probably has been asked many times but i'm an SVN/SPN (student vocational/practical nurse) here in los angeles. i really really want to work in Australia after I graduate. How exactly do i do this??? HELP!!! plz...?