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    I too am pushing towards retirement and began working as PRN for different hospitals and on contract occasionally. I find working this way I can not only work when I want, but also where I want. I continue to do 3 shifts a week but will cut back once I actually retire. I enjoy working this way much more than the full time position I was working. I don't have to deal with the politics and clics that inevitably occur with any position.

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    My first thought was "did you check the doctor's order before removing the patch?" since it is unusual for a patch to come off in 12 hours. With the pushed med, was it pre-filled syringe or did the other nurse pull it up? I NEVER give a medication that another nurse has drawn up or pulled out of a package, for just that reason.

    The other people involved in these situations may have received similar "lashings" that you speak about. it is difficult to know because discipline is generally done in private. You may feel that you received all the blame, but in truth, that may not be the case.

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    Thank you both for your input. I really appreciate the validation of what I was thinking. I kind of figured that, because it was the end of my contract, maybe the recruiter thought I would just go away. I have refused to speak with him on the phone, requesting written answers to my questions. I am afraid that, as a new traveler, I just jumped the gun without thinking about all the scenarios that can occur while on assignment and didn't have all my bases covered in writing.

    That being said, I did read the contract. The housing provision says that housing is paid for "as long as professional is on assignment" I was on-call and therefore on assignment. I have long since given up on the holiday pay. I have asked that he respond, in writing, by end of day today. If not, I am going to contact the BBB in Omaha and file a complaint. They are not members so it may not do any good. I also have the name of the President of the company. I plan to send a registered letter to him outlining my complaints.

    I have a new opportunity contracting directly with a hospital. I have an interview on Monday. The pay is considerably more ($42.00 hr plus weekend and shift difs). NedRN, I have read your posts and they have been very helpful. Any specific suggestions regarding my interview on Monday about things to ask? I don't know if it will work out for me. They want minimum 2 holidays, which means Christmas and New Years, which I am not sure I am ready to work, but we will see.

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    I am on my first travel assignment with LRS healthcare. I don't feel very comfortable with my recruiter, he has said things that never happened. For example, I worked Memorial Day, he told me I would receive holiday pay, didn't show up on my check. Called him, he said, oh, it will be on next week's check, didn't happen. When I called him about it, he said the hospital didn't pay travelers for Memorial Day. If I had known that before, I wouldn't have worked the holiday.

    Last weekend, my hospital put me on call. I still had to be there so that if they needed me to come in, I could come in. My check was very short. The per diem was only half of what it is normally--is this normal for "on call" with other agencies. When I asked him about it, he said "I will look into it. I know when you are on call the pay is less." I tried to explain to the moron that I still had to be here in case I got called in. I also pointed out that in June, when I was canceled 1 1/4 shifts (I had only 18.75 hours worked), my per diem was the regular amount.

    This is my last weekend on this contract. I am going to change companies and ditch the moron. Am already pursuing other options. Is "do I still get per diem at regular rate if the hospital puts me on call".

    Thanks so much for any info.