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    Do hospitals or LTC facilities look down on those who have graduated from a one year nursing program vs a college? I'd rather go thru a practical nursing program but am hesitant if its going to be harder to find a job afterwards. Any insight into what hospitals and LTCs are looking for is appreciated.

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    I would like to get into a 1 year vocational program. I don't want to go thru a college program b/c of all the pre reqs and the long time it takes. Problem is, in Md there are no vocational programs. I've checked into DC's 1 year programs and WOW. They were so below my standards it was ridiculous. So I guess one question is does Va have any 1 year programs? Or any of the surrounding states?

    Also, I've gotten spam emails before for online nursing programs. This doesn't sound like a good idea. It seems to me that nursing school should be more of a hands on/classroom type environment. How would online classes even work?

    And lastly, I've heard that hospitals look down upon those who graduated from a vocational program vs a college program and won't hire them. Is this true and if so what kind of jobs can one expect to get graduating from a vocational program. And are you considered an LPN w/ a diploma from a vocational school?

    I'm new at this-thanks in advance.

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    I've decided to become a nurse but the only nursing schools in my area (I live in Mont Co Md) are thru colleges. My question is are there any programs in Va or DC that will allow you to just focus on nursing-no pre reqs? And are there any programs that offer a discount if you work for them when you graduate? I have no hospital experience at all but I love caring for people and would like to change careers. Thanks in advance.