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    Quote from Hushi05
    What "choice" looks like. I don't have to like it. But it's hers to make.

    sigh, agreed...but. This seems incredibly selfish. I kind of want to smack Jenny upside the head. a lot.

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    Quote from imintrouble
    thanks everybody. it always helps to know you've all been through the same thing. i did document, not verbatim, because i simply didn't have time. i think i'll make time from now on.
    i have since found out this pt was baseline an ugly old man. because i had to absorb all that anger he threw at me, without defending myself, i felt diminished. i really hate that feeling.
    thanks again.

    wow, i think you really hit it on the head with that statement. i would never, not for one second, but up with such abuse on the street or in my personal life. at work we are expected to take it, and it really hurts.

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    as other posters have said, your grammar seems fine.
    I am continually surprised (in a bad way) by the poor grammar of native English speaking doctors and nurses. I can't imagine anyone but the biggest jerk in the world giving you a problem with a few incorrect sentences here and there.

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    Quote from traumaRUs
    No. My pts are too sick for the most part. If I do have folks bring up politics I redirect the conversation.

    I too don't discuss religion, politics or sex.

    I think you are getting this because in an ICU waiting room there isn't much to do.

    Yep, our ICU visiting room is just a breeding ground of bad feelings. I would feel sorry for anyone who has to sit out there with those people, and for FREE? no freaking way!

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    sigh. I hear it all the time, if not from patients then from their families. I am good at playing dumb and just say "oh, I don't follow politics" or "I don't know that they need to do, but the healthcare system sure is messed up and needs to be fixed."

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    I had 2 babies in the NICU (not twins, 4 years apart) before I ever went to nursing school or had any idea of what was going on. Yes, I was scared to death for my babies. But I never, not once, thought the nurse was my enemy or treat him/her like a jerk.
    I see it all the time, and I just don't understand this way of thinking.

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    When I'm at work, I'm all about love, support, and compassion. I mean, I don't say "you do realize that WHEN grandma's heart stops and we begin chest compressions I am going to break EVERY SINGLE one of her ribs?!" I think that's pretty darn compassionate.

    When I'm at home, where I'm allowed to be a a real person and have an opinion, I'm perfectly entitled to think that these people are ignorant and unrealistic.

    That's at best.
    At worst, they are sadistic.

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    unfortunately, I see it all the time. It makes me sick.
    nothing says "I love you mom" like filling her full of tubes, sticking her in a nursing home and letting her die of infected bed sores.

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    I'm sure it is scary to be in a hospital where no one speaks your language. I'm sorry for that.

    I don't care one bit what language you speak at home or in your community. I don't even get bent out of shape when people speak a non-English language amongst themselves in front of me.

    But, geez louise, if it was me I would sure try to learn enough of the "native" language to make my life conveinent and safe (i.e. to order a pizza, get my car fixed, call 911, or communicate with my healthcare providers).

    Nurses are smart. You don't need to speak perfect English to communicate with us. I would say that most of us who have to interact with non-English speakers have picked up enough foreign words/phrases to get us through until the interpreters show up. There's no reason for us to be fluent, if we aren't already. There is FOR SURE no reason for patients to expect it. As another poster said, jerks are jerks no matter what language they speak.

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    unless the school can pull out some written rule about no pictures at clinical sites, I don't think they have a leg to stand on. has a great response to this controversey. (If you haven't read My Stroke of Insight you are missing out on a great read)

    Ironically, there is a facebook page supporting this student. haha.!/pages/I-D...31587786903485

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    Quote from MeTheRN
    The way I see it, if you hadn't given the Ativan, you would not have been able to get the CT. Then the resident wouldn't have had the info required to need a stat angio. So the way I see it, you sort of saved him. Even if you had noticed the neuro changes without the Ativan, you'd still have to go get a stat CT and sedate him for it...

    This. Exactly this.

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    professionally: she needs to be reported. her management or BON. She's an impaired nurse.

    personally: yeah, she sounds like a crappy mom and kind of a loser, but I don't know if any of those things are considered neglect. If I were you, I would distance myself from her. She does not sound like someone I would want my kids to be around. I do feel sorry for her kiddos, though.

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    oh, I missed that she is just in nursing school. Good grief, YES it is common to be depressed in nursing school! lol! those were the worst/hardest years of my life!
    Good luck to her, you are a good friend for being so concerned. Now, just don't be one of those friends who whines and complains when she can't to anything with you. Girlfriend is BUSY and will be grumpy! take it easy on her

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    Quote from VPal
    She is gonna be 22 next year. Thanks for all the advice
    I don't want to start another age war, but I honestly think this may have a lot to do with her depression.

    At 21 I did not have the life experience to deal with many of the sad things I have seen in nursing. With age comes experience, and you are better able to put things in the proper perspective as you gain experience.