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    Anyone in the Naval Resreve?

    Give me your thoughts.

    My Naval Reserve recruiter stated I will enter as an o-2 or o-3. I have a BSN and worked critical care since 1996. I will be starting CRNA school this fall and am looking to gain some type of income. I will get a sign on bonus plus drill pay and gi bill. I must give them 6yrs. Now the part that seems to good to be true: My recruiter said I will be placed in a PRIMUS unit while in school (3yrs). This means I will get credit for drill while attending school. After school I will be placed on the IRR for 3yrs. My recruiter stated there is no required drill in the IRR. So I get all these benefits and don't have to drill 1 per month or 2wks a year ever. Also he stated I cannot be pulled from my CRNA program.

    Any Naval Reserve Nurse Corps officers serving in PRIMUS units, what is it like? Can this be fact or fiction?

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    Anyone in the Naval Reserve?

    Share your thoughts.

    Looking at three years in a PRIMUS unit while in school, after school three years of IRR.