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    hello. i was just wondering if there was anyone else out there like me. i failed out of nursing school my last semester (it is a bsn program). in my program, you only get one repeat. i already used that repeat in my ob semester. i passed that class just fine the second time around. i did appeal and was denied the chance to repeat the final semester. i feel like i let my family down. my parents had already ordered graduation invitations and booked a hotel for my family to stay at. i came so close to finishing and now i'm not graduating. you can imagine the things that are being said about me by my family. it is very frustrating to be laughed at by people who are related to you...even my grandmother makes rude comments. that's a whole different issue.

    however, i have been looking at other programs and there is a possibility that i could get into another program in the fall as a senior. i really feel like nursing is the career for me. i love working with patients and doing the responsibilities of a rn. i just have doubts in the back of my mind that i may fail again. it would be nice to know that other people have been in a similar situation and made it.