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    Quote from amee37
    I'm an LPN doing Excelsior- have passed 4 already 1st try (A's and B's) in the past 2 months. I don't have time to wait and, since I have a BS in something else, it doesn't make sense to go back for a traditional ASN. A lot of the exams so far focus on critical nursing actions based on the knowledge base you study for (the meds, dx., s/s, etc.)- if you've been a nurse for awhile, it isn't so bad. So far, it's been great. I am also looking for anyone interested in getting together/sharing study notes (I have some great ones!) and also brushing up on clinical skills (have a "kit' and DVD's to practice as you must do by the book and not forget something!) for CPNE. Also will be looking for someone to share costs for a workshop, the CPNE, etc. Anyone interested or doing Excelsior right now, I would love to hear from you! - St. Louis MO Excelsior Student
    hello, I'm from St.Louis I am interested in Bridge program or similiar whats the cost for your program, do pay as go?

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    Quote from bythebay
    I passed! I am beyond relieved! I really was so worried. Thank you to everyone here. The support is awesome. I would like to say that now I am officially an LPN, but the state has lost my transcripts (sigh) and my school needs to resend them. My license has to wait until then. It is always something, isn't it? At least this is a minor inconvenience, and hopefully my job will see it that way! For anyone out there about to take the test, you can do it, don't panic even if every question seems like it came from outer space. Stay calm and use your best logic and you will come out on top. Don't feel shaken if you leave and feel like you didn't know anything. That is the hardest part, I think. If you are used to passing tests at school with good marks, that part can be a head trip.Best of luck to everyone...:wink2: Now maybe I can concentrate on my flooded house and my daughter's wedding!
    great job, You knew you had the stuff to do it,Congats!

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    Quote from Rgdt35
    I am taking my NCLEX-RN for the 5th time next week...imagine that?! my self-esteem is really down right now. I kept asking myself if maybe Nursing is not for me, and how many times more should I take it?...i'd been a nurse for over 14 years now, I'd been a Charge Nurse in Europe, and very much experienced. i enrolled in Kaplan, bought a lot of books, but still I coudn't make it. i feel so stupid most of the time... I always read NCLEX discussion on this site, which somehow helps me a lot. I have a very supportive 11 year old boy... but a very over controlling husband, who I sometimes don't he's putting me, how do i get rid of the negative people around me?'s just hard. Sometimes I feel like I wanna quit and leave everything that i have right now. i just don't know what to do anymore....
    Be encourage! You are smart and I'm sure a great nurse, for 14yrs wow thats a long time so apparently you have knowledge and skills, you just have to apply to the written test, which seem unfair. NEVER GIVE on yourself and 11 yr old son. If your husband can't be supportive , thats his down fall, he have a wonderful smart wife who is trying very hard to make life more comfortable for everyone in the home. My advice tune him out make time to study where it is quiet. Think positive there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You have to ignore negative people they love misery. Don't let no one steal your joy of nursing! You are not a quiter you are Winner so stay positive, you can do it, pray on it and claim it, and it shall be yours! God Bless you,upcoming RN!
    Just picture yourself as one.

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    hello, those who are preparing for the NCLEX, Pray for wisdom so that all your studying will not be in vein, study, study,study, but also pace yourself allow your brain to soak the info without an anxiety attack, stay positive at all times, delete the negative people in your life, read these post on this site, it's very helpful to know that you are not along. Yes God is good he knows your weakness ask for strenght and you shall receive it, but you have to beleive in what you are praying for. God help those who help themselves so study, seek and ye shall find,Never let anyone take your JOY you can do this. I have been out of nursing school for 11 years I failed then and just gave up I decided to start studying in April2008 and I passed 2 weeks ago. I hope that this can be an encourgement to someone. I now have learned so much more, staying focus on the prize, eliminating negative people in my life, and concentrating on making a better life for my family,and to continue to pray through good times and BAD times like this NCLEX, I wish you all well:wink2:

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    Quote from bythebay
    I'm taking the test on Monday and feel so overwhelmed. My house flooded completely leaving me homeless (my mom has taken my family in, thank heaven!!) and I have to put my daughter's wedding on in two weeks. I just got a job that is contingent on my passing and I am running around with my head cut off trying to keep everything going in the right direction. I'm grateful for my friends and family that are helping out, but I HAVE to pass this test or I am out a job I really need. Anyone's prayers for my situation would be so appreciated, and you have my thoughts and prayers for all of you as well. This thing is challenging even in the best of circumstances....Thanks so much in advance:heartbeat
    hello, First thing Pray a sincere prayer if you studied then you should be ready, you have to think positive at all times.Since you have 2 days left pace yourself in studying don't overwhelm yourself, relax, go to an area that you can be along for prayer and wisdom to do what you need to do for your family, I hope that things work out in your favor and you get the job.If you are running around with your head cut off How could you be any help to anyone? so by that I mean think of self, take care of you first, because if you dont ,who gonna do your daughter wedding? I will pray for strenght 4 you

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    Quote from Julie64
    I passed!!! What a relief, thank you for your prayers!

    Great job doesn't it fell like you won the lottery!

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    Quote from kebfdc
    Hi everyone-- I have a question.

    I have already taken the NCLEX once and unfortunately I didn't pass (106 questions if you were wondering...) I think it was completely my fault because I thought that since I did well in nursing school there was no chance I wouldn't pass, but oh how wrong I was.

    ANWAYS-- I am scoring like 55-65% on my Kaplan tests and about the same on other question sets I have found. I am scheduled to take it again on Sept 16, but I do not know if I am doing well enough to take it...

    I feel that since failing, I have learned SO MUCH INFORMATION (props to the random fact thread as well as my other studying) but what do you guys think?? Postpone or what? Unfortunetly I have a job lined up so I can't really put it off for that much longer. They were nice enough to give me a second chance after my first attempt, but I really can't blow it this time around....

    Any thoughts?? HELP?? haha please I just need some advice.

    Thanks! KEBFDC
    Hello, Be encourage! I took the test over 11 years ago and failed, I just gave up, until now, I started studying faithfully April 08 for two hrs per day Saunders 3rd ed I did 100 questions per night while working full time with three children at home, correction 4 my husband, It was hard trying to stay focus , But I did it. I also wanted to reschudule my test but I didnt the more you keep putting it off the more you might take time off and not study, if you have a goal then stick to it write a note on the frig. I will be a nurse ! Pray on it and study study. Anyway I kept my same appointment went in 3 hrs early and they let me take it then, I was nervous I prayed before the test during the test after the test, I got the Quick Results in 48 hrs I passed! If I could do it I know you could the info from your school is much fresher. You know if you Really been studying and if you ready. Only take it when you feel comfortable . They can't test you on everything. I will pray for you

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    Quote from katdivi25
    Hi everyone! this is my situation right now, i am an american citizen but graduated from nursing school in the back in boston and i am working as a nursing assistant...i know you all must be thinking...take the NCLEX already. i really want to but paper works in the philippines are taking so long. the state i am in is asking for many requirements such as having to go thru cgfns. and when i read posts about people just being able to get the nclex already, really frustrates me. so i really want to take it. i went to kaplan in the philippines and i learned alot from it. and its been a couple of months already and i dont want to drain out what ive learned because as time goes kinda forget and ur head goes blank. as i mentioned i am working as a nursing assistant in a nearby rehab place. my goodness...its tough in physical tough work, your on your feet the whole day for 8 hours! and i told myself how can i study? work like crazy and study at home. and they are working me 40 hours a week pa! and the pay sucks...just because i studied nursing school in the philippines, they dont wanna give me the same pay as a nursing student in america workng part time there...i mean come on...we're doing the same job and ur just a student. i thought i would learn from working at a real hospital setting in a america that i would be able to apply it to NCLEX but actually dont learn and people in america really dont go by the book like how its described in the NCLEX.
    so i am taking a step back...there is another job offer to work as a recreation therapist which is more mellow and works with geriatrics but you do more postive things together and definitely will not keep me on my feet the whole day. the pay would be lower and i know i was complaining about my salary already at this job but my focus is being able to eally sit down and focus more on my nclex...
    anyone please feel free to comment
    hi, dont ever give up, even though you may take a cut in pay, you will have time to study more, which will be rewarding to pass the NCLEX! Keep your eye on the prize and continue to pray for wisdom to pass with flying colors. Sometimes we have to suffer a little to achieve the
    'star' Good luck. Only take the test when you really feel YOU are ready

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    Quote from t.l.
    I have a certificate in Phlebotomy, a certificate in Rehab, and a certificate in IV start & maintaining. Do I want to be an RN ? not really, I like being an LPN, I love the patient contact and I enjoy the extra time I have with my patients. I don't have to rush off to complete paper work or handle a crisis in management. Life is Good.
    You are correct I feel the same. I was thinking about going back to school for my RN but I just pass my nclexpn, and I make 27.25 per patient for a home care service in St. Louis,Mo. Good luck and may God continue to Bless you as a Nurse!

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    Quote from dlsns2001
    i have not been able to find any bridge programs that are quick. sanford brown use to have a nine-month program, but not anymore. i looked into excelsior, but they do not accept student loans for lpn-rn so you pretty much have to pay cash or get personal loans. chamberlain college takes just as long as community college had a friend just graduated. i am still searching if you find any information please share
    i will check around, good luck in finding one, i will keep you infrom

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    Quote from ena1978
    Hi everyone!!!. Well im scheduled to take my boards on tuesday aug 26. I am freakin out!!!!!!! I am still trying to study..........and all of a sudden most of the questions I am practicing, im getting wrong. What in the heck is happening to me??? Do you guys think its the anxiety im beginning to feel or why in the world is by brain not functioning anymore?? I need your guys help. I did the kaplan review and I also did questions from Saunders, davis, Mosby, and Lipponcott. I am sooooo scared my little brain cells are not going to work the day of my test. Im also freakin out because my friends are telling me that they got alot of check all that apply and pharm questions.......which I really suck at both. Please help!!!!!! I am so overwhelmed and i just want some feedback from those of you that have taken your test. Let me know how you felt and what you did to overcome the anxiety? Also, did you feel that your studying prepared you for the test? Hope to hear from you guys.

    Thanks a bunch
    Hello, first of all pray for strength if you studied you will do fine, I had the same anxiety attack. Before the examine I prayed again for the answer to be reveal. Out of all the studying most weren't on test, there were no math a lot of "pick the ones that applied" which I am also horrible at. and alot of "whats the best answer" The test seem a little tricky, but yet easy, so you never know, just take your time, not worrying when the test gonna end give it your best. My stopped at 205and founded out through quick results in 48 hours that i passed, last Friday and got my other results from BON Saturday . I also chewed gum that helped me calm down, wear something comfortable and RELAX and stay FOCUS! I wish you well, God be with you.

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    Quote from PN2B2008
    Hi ned2bnurse, so in your state u get quick result. That is better, I have to wait 4 weeks in CA
    it is horrible to have to wait 4long weeks. Just relax just think you dont have to study{hopeful no more} until your results. Get some rest, get involved with your family. Keep your faith, think positive everyday and continue to pray for great results. I'm sure you will do find. Just NEVER GIVE UP:wink2:

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    Quote from PN2B2008
    Hi ned2bnurse, so in your state u get quick result. That is better, I have to wait 4 weeks in CA
    Hello, I live in Missouri, we have a system called "Quick Results" you know your results in 48hours of your test time. I had to pay 7.95 for this it was worth it. I was so happy that it said under status PASS! I pray for everyone who is attempting to take the horrible test. But some words of encouragement don't give up, studying actually make you smarter in your field. My test wasn't as difficult as I expected, but you never know, they seemed so tricky. Pace your self study that easy for you, put aside everyone so you could concentrate was is important and most of all Praise God first and have faith everything will follow

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    Quote from dlsns2001
    I am looking for LPN-RN programs in St Louis Missouri. I tried the community college a while ago, but they make you take so many additional classes by time you get done with the pre reqs it ends of taking 2-3 years and you only have a ADN. I really want something that's not going to take forever.
    Hi, Im also interested in a bridge program in St.Louis. I will start looking into some places. Do you know are there still program for LPN to bridge to RN in 9mo?

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    Hi all, I passed I passed I passed! Just can't say it enough! First of all thank everyone who prayed and that Almighty GOD heard my prayer. Let this be an encouragment for others, I graduated 1997 took nclex failed! I was so disappointed I just gave up, until this year I decided to do my dreams no matter what. I studied Sanders 3rd ed , the questions and rationales helped me a lot I started seriously studying in May, I studied 2 hours per day. Even though I studied every possible, most of the stuff was on the test, a lot of repeat, no math . I prayed each day and night for directions. Prayer does work,but you still gotta study , God help those who help themselves. Never let any one take your sweet spirit to be a nurse! this site was such a BIG help and Suz plan. No matter what stay focus ,cut the T.v. off, tell husband/wife not until I study study study! Tell your friends not today unless they are giving you encouragments, you dont need no negative in your life now , your are already stress enough. Good luck and may God be with you. Learn to call on him at all times he would love to hear from you, not just bad/stressful times.