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  • Sep 10 '08

    ned2bnurse and star313,

    Thanks for your kindness. I took the test today and it is done. I really am not sure if I passed or not; it shut off at 85 questions (I know that means nothing) but it is a relief to have it in the past, and it was a great comfort knowing that there are people out there rooting for you. How nice to have this community of people. I really needed it at this time. I am praying for all you NCLEX test takers tonight. We can all make it, with study, faith and prayer.

  • Sep 6 '08

    There was a thread going for an online pn-rn program. I believe it still had online openings. Check out (Pratt community college) the phone is 620-450-2257. I don't know any info except what I've read. Its definately in a previous thread though.

  • Aug 22 '08

    Hello. I wanted to share some information with the group about keeping your License up to date no matter what happens or what path you follow in life so that others would not find themselves in the pickle I am in.

    I passed the NCLEX-RN in 1997. I then went to work out of state and obtained my 2nd RN license. I eventually switched jobs and although they wanted an RN for the position, it was not an RN position (i.e. requiring me to carry a license). The company went bankrupt. I moved back home to PA and did not work in the Nursing/Health Care Industry.

    During this time I did not renew my PA RN License and I also let my VA license expire.

    I recently decided that it was time to re-enter the Health Care field. I called the PA Board of Nsg to pay for my license/reactivate it.

    (5 years and a few weeks had passed since my license had expired)

    I now have to:

    1. Take & pass the NCLEX
    2. Provide proof that I had been working as an RN in another state.
    3. Take a Board approved Reactivation Program. (theory, clinical and testing...14 to 16 weeks...) they have a 5 year limit on reactivating a license.

    NOTE: Each State Board Of Nursing Licensensure has different requirements. For instance: I was able to have my VA RN license reactivated by paying a fee and taking 15 Nursing CEU's, found at various online site
    for free, topics of my choice.

    From there I was then able to get my WVa license. I am currently looking for work in WVa, but am studying for the NCLEX to increase my odds at finding employment.

    I made the mistake in thinking "why pay for something I am not using." "I'll re-pay when I need it, after all, I went to school and passed my boards..."

    The moral - although there are no rules and regulations with your license it's a good idea to view your Board of Nursing's policies not just their practice acts.

    In closing I would just like to say...
    Good Luck to those getting ready to take or re-take the NCLEX, and Congratulations to those that have recently passed.


  • Aug 22 '08

    to clear up confusion about nclex and (some rumors i've seen here on this site) and just some tips...

    ~nclex is not graded like nursing school exams, where you have to make a certain score to pass.

    ~you must show that you are more consistently right than wrong when answering test questions, so that means you must at a minimum, get more test questions right than wrong.

    ~if you had 265 questions, you have a 50/50 chance of passing. what it means: you kept the computer guessing, at no point did you convince the computer that you were more consistently right or wrong, so it kept giving you more questions to try and figure you out

    ~if you had 75 questions and didnt pass, you have alot of studying to do, it meant that at 75, the computer already determined that you were getting more consistently wrong than right

    ~there is no such thing as "a random test subject getting the whole test", this is a huge myth

    ~it is true that there are questions that are "pilot" questions, but you dont know which ones, and they dont count toward your score, there only here to ensure they are valid so they can encorporate them later into the test as a real question. there however is no magic number.

    ~the test is not trying to search out your weaknesses, this is a computer, not a person, it has no soul.

    ~if you go past 75 questions...your not failing, your still passing! if you were failing, it would have just cut off at 75, you are still getting more questions right than wrong.

    hope this helps someone.

    good luck everyone!

  • Aug 19 '08

    -Hypokalemia (low potassium level) can be caused from such conditions as cushing's, extensice burns, truama, long-term steroidal use, excessive urination, inadequate intake of dietary potassium, and excessive alcohol intake

    -Hyperkalemia (high potassium level) can occur in real failure and addison's disease

    -Hypomaganesemia occurs in such conditions as renal diseases, chronic alcohoism, and diuretic therapy

    -Hypermagnesemia occurs in such conditions as end-stage renal failure, diabetic ketoacidosis, and adrenal insufficiency

    -Hypercalcemia occurs in Paget's disease, cancer, excessive intake of vit. D, multiple fractures, and hyperthyroidism

    -Hypocalcemia occurs in such condidtions as protracted bed rest and immobilization (common cause) acute pancreatitis, massive burns and infection, and hypothyroidism

  • Aug 15 '08

    Hi to ALL,

    I just graduated in June and will be taking the NCLEX in a week. Obviously, im really nervous about it. Not to mention the pressure coming from my family and peers. I know for sure that I am not one of those smart, intelligent people and sometimes I still wonder how I got this far (determination? I guess ever since I was a kid I always wanted to go into those small towns in other countries to help out), if only I could have that confidence back. Do they sell that in the store? cause im really running low on it. Looking back at my class I guess I was the dumbest one. Clinicals was the best but when it comes to hitting the books forget it, I will have a memory lapse every now and then. I'll try my best to pass this test and I know a little prayer goes a long way. For sure I don't know you guys, but I will include you all nclex test takers in my prayers. Im going to St. Patricks Church in Manhattan this Sunday, I'll send some words to the MAN up there

    The Saint for Impossible Causes: St. Jude!

  • Aug 13 '08

    I am very sorry to hear this. You have posted many kind words to others.

    I did over 6000 questions before the test.

    I did all of Kaplan's questions online.
    I also did a majority of NCLEX-4000 (which I liked better than Kaplan). I did questions everyday for at least two months. With the NCLEX 4000, I did questions by groups (Maternal Child Health - 100 questions, etc.).

    If I would have had the time, I would have tried Suzanne's program.

    In addition to the questions daily, I had to make some adjustments in my personal life.

    I cut off email communication with colleagues from school for about three weeks before the test. I made it clear to my family that they needed to keep their distance two weeks before the test. I worked full-time and every day after I got home from work, I started doing questions while dinner was cooking. I went to bed early every night for the first time in years, and caught up on some sleep.

    Probably my most therapeutic tool was my MP3 player that I got for Mother's Day. I listened to music every night and didn't watch television for about one month before the test.

    I did well in nursing school and knew the content. However, I knew I couldn't be prepared enough unless I was managing my anxiety levels.

    Hang in there and know you will pass.

  • Aug 13 '08

    Dear God,

    Today I will have my examinations. You know how important they are to me. So I am humbly asking Your gracious help and divine assitance. I pray to you, my dear God, please neve rlet me be at ease and give my very best. Please never let me guess nor rely on pure luck, but enlighten my mind and let me think clearly. Please never let me resort to chances nor to dishonesty, but let me work to the fullest of my ability. I pray for Your guidance that i as i think, I may find the right solutions, I may be able to correctly answer the questions, I may solve those difficult problems. I ask, O God, Your intercession, that as I write, I may not be careless nor overconfident, I may not be distracted but be more concentrated, I may not be in a hurry nor take the exams too lightly. Today, O my Lord, I will take my examinations Let me, with Your help, give my best effort. Let me, because of You, receive the best and fruitful results. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Aug 12 '08

    Hi All:

    I'm sorry I have not posted a prayer this week. Anyone who would like to post one please feel free. Good luck and God bless you all as you test this week, and keep us posted. Here is a prayer for you!!


    Mat25:40, RN

    Father, I praise your holy name. Your are so gracious and good. I ask for your forgiveness for all my sin. I thank you for this thread, and for the blessing it has been to so many. I ask for your mercy this week for each one who is testing. I pray that each test taker be filled with your Holy Spirit. As they read each test item reveal to them what they know about the topic, and let what is hidden from them also be revealed. Bless each and everyone this week with peace that transcends all understanding. In the name of Christ I pray, Amen.

  • Jul 23 '08

    "Give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good: for his mercy endureth for ever" - Psalm 107:1
    I just want to say that GOD is awesome! Finally passed after the 3rd time with 265 questions with the mercy of my living GOD. If GOD is with me, I know He will be with you too. I am writing this particularly for the re-takers. Don't ever give up hope. This NCLEX exam has really changed my life tremendously and this is my story: please read & it will change your life too....
    I graduated from nursing school last year, May 2007 with a BSN. Right after I graduated, I was offered to work at a nearby hospital and so I did. But within 6 months they wanted me to take the boards, so I went in last October and took it. 2 days later, found out that I failed. My school was ranked as 90% of Nclex passing rate and that's the main reason I went there. Until I took the exam, I realized that I had no knowledge of anything in regards to nursing. Basically I did 4 yrs of college for nothing except add some loans in to my head. I know a lot of people in this site disagree with me in regards to my experience, but I am telling u from my own experiences and from my classmates. Last October I found out that our school ranked 64% of nclex passing.
    Anyways, I really put my hope in to nursing and when I found out that I failed, all my hopes were destroyed. Right after I failed, I informed my supervisor and left the job and started studying again. This is where my life slowly started to change in my own eyes.
    My parents are not well educated but work 2 jobs to support my family esp. my father. So when he found out about this, he realized that his suffering will never be over so he began to take it on me. My mom on the other hand hurts me everyday with words and puts me down. All of my relatives are either nurses or doctors and they all began to criticize me behind my back. My community began to talk behind my back and began to put pressure on my parents to get me married. All of my friends are either married & have kids or have a career. Me on the other hand was left with nothing basically except load of loans.
    I began to get depressed, started cutting people from my life, moved in with my brother and felt like I was the only one in this world who is not smart, and felt like a looser. I slowly decided to end my life. I felt like I wasn't welcomed anywhere not even in my home or with my parents. Everyday I lived with criticism in my life from everybody. But GOD was watching me...
    Finally decided to take the boards in February and again came to find out that I failed. Now my parents began to hate me even more. Their words and actions would put a hole in to my heart each day. I figured I'll look for a job, but no one wants me b/c I graduated and they feared what If I leave the job. So I basically had no life, no job, no career, no support, no parents (literally), no social life (friends), except left with my small bedroom, a computer and few NCLEX-RN review books & cds. I was depressed more and more and wanted to die. I have tried so many times to kill my self but HE was watching me... There was not even a single day where I went to sleep with out my eyes pouring out.
    Finally, In April, I put the TV on a Sunday morning and watched pastor Joel Osteen's preaching. To be honest with you, I'm a Christian but not God's child. On that Sunday morning, Pastor Joel preached saying, "you're not a victim but you're a victor, and said that, "GOD has greater plans stored, but all I need is to bring him in my life."
    After that, I fasted for over 30 days, and finally decided to take the boards with my friends in May 15th. I began to meditate on His words and humbled myself.
    GOD began to answer my prayers slowly. A week before my exam, I got a call from a nearby Hospital offering me a Nurse Tech position and I accepted it and decided to change the boards date. So my friends went to take it and they came home really feeling good that they passed and even I thought they passed. But 2 days later, I found out that they both failed. They both are very smart, studied day & night for this exam. When I heard this, I thought to myself, if they couldn't do it, how will I? I was very disappointed.
    So I went to work and finally decided to take the boards in July. To be honest with you, I prayed to GOD so much, put all of my hope & strength in Him and told Him, I cannot pass this exam with my knowledge, but I know I could conqueror anything with YOU in my life and went to take the exam.
    For the second break during my exam after 200 ?s, I went into bathroom and cried to GOD,. I came out of that exam knowing that I failed 100%. I thought this time, I had the craziest questions and there is no way I can pass this exam.
    2 days later, I went to the computer and checked my name, and my name didn't appear and right away I knew I failed. My parents were very disappointed again and told me to go for LPN. So I began to do the application for that and my father called his supervisor and she offered him a book for RN & LPN. After the exam, I would wait everyday for my Failure note with my ugly picture. Last Friday, I gave my father $200 to pay off the mortgage and he threw that check right in front of the table and said, I only asked you one thing and that is to get that license and if you can't do that, then I don't want anything. I told him, what if GOD doesn't want me to be an RN. He said, there is no such thing like that. So I replied to him, do you think I take the exam and say to myself, I want to fail so that we all can be disappointed & waste $. No, I want to be an RN as badly as you want. I cried so much with my whole heart and prayed to GOD. I went to shopping right after that just to get my mind of with my mother. When I came home, I found a big envelop in front of my storm door. I thought it was for my dad, but when I saw it was for me, I was like yeah what ever. but when I opened it, It was my RN license. I praised GOD for seeing my tears for over a year. I took that license and woke my father up and threw it back at him and said: here, this is what you wanted right, take it."
    My GOD has turned my tears into joy and I am always grateful. He heard my cries, he saw my tears. GOD turned my life completely just from this stupid NCLEX. Because of this exam, not only, I got closer to HIM, but also got to learn how His wonderful works are in my life. I could have died by now, but HE kept me safe. God has added more years into my life and I can feel HIM all the time with me. Not only that, now have I called my self that I am HIS child. In Isaiah 55:8: MY thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways." And He definitely did his ways and I praise HIM for that. (When things are impossible for men, nothing is impossible for GOD b/c everything is possible for HIM)

    So to the failures, I know what you're going through because I was in your shoes once but don't ever give hope. I used to come into this site and read everyone's passing notes and failure notes and hoped one day I'll be able to come in here and encourage others and guess what, GOD has been so good.
    "Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." - Mathew 6:33 (God didn't just say, seek my kingdom, but he also said, his righteousness too and all things shall be added.) Isn't GOD amazing? He provided the greatest miracle in my life and I know he can do to yours, just submit your life to HIM and He will take you to places where you never dreamed off!

    What I tried to study: basically everything
    First I knew from my 3rd experience, I had to have GOD first, b/c If I didn't, I knew I would've been a failure again.
    Secondly, do questions after questions, I used Kaplan, ready to pass, online random questions, postings from fellow exam takers in here, Feur review books and CDs, DVDs, you name it, all of them I used. Study atleast 3-4 hours a day and forget about what other think of you or say about you, just give yourself to the Lord and study and HE will take care of the rest.
    GOOD luck to all of you guys, and NEVER GIVE UP!!!

  • May 6 '08

    :redpinkheThis may sound silly but.....

    In my class we used to pray before our tests. (Not required...something we wanted to do.)

    So if you aren't into that just don't read the post.

    But I would like to thank God for the successes of our May group. And pray that you will be with them as they embark on their nursing careers.

    I thank you for helping the rest of us...and making a way to study (even when we don't want) Be with us as we prepare the best way we can. And help us to understand that if this is not our time that you will lead us to our next opportunity and carry us through.

    In your name! Amen!:redpinkhe


    I think we all have our unique sets of circumstances that make taking the NCLEX challenging....but I am really hoping big for all of us that we can stay focused, study hard, and blow this thing out. redbeathe

  • May 6 '08

    Well, after 48hrs of crying uncontrollably, not sleeping, and spazzing out, I've gotten my results. I PASSED!! I PASSED!! I PASSED!! Considering this is my FOURTH time, I am SO unbelievably excited and RELIEVED. Best of luck to all of the rest of the MAy NCLEX takers! Stay POSITIVE throughout your studying process! IT makes a difference! I'll be praying for the rest of you!! (thats me, I'm an RN now!)*wine(and this is what I'm going to be doing! LOL!)

  • May 6 '08

    I am sooooooo nervous i test tomorrow morning @ 11:30 my stomach feels horrible i can't even spell right :typing i have been studying the kaplan and saunders i just hope that it is enough my scores have been "good" i just hope i "pass" this is the first time testing ohh yeah by the way i'm taking the nclex-pn PLEASE PRAY FOR ME !! THANKS

  • Apr 29 '08

    you can do will pass this time....yes I am claiming it to God....ALL MAY NCLEX TAKERS WILL PASS THIS TIME!!!!

  • Apr 29 '08

    Quote from MaleNursesRock
    Ah...the "critical thinking" part of the NCLEX nursing world..dont get me started yet again.. BUT i can beat you. i just did a hurst review CD. (where you print out the test then pop in the CD and a panel of 4 RN's goes over the test with you"

    The quesions goes somthing like this.

    1. You the nurse walks into a pts room and sees the trashcan on fire, what is the priroty ?

    A. condem the pt for smoking in the room
    B. put a wool blamket over the trachcan
    C. Pull the fire alarm
    D. ask the pr how the fire started

    NOW...WE ALLLLLLL know R.A.C.E-(rescue, activate, contain, extinguish) right---so im thinking easy answer

    since rescue the pt is not an option or anything like it, EASY choice !!!!! Activate the alrarm DUH !!!


    put, wool blanket over the burning trashcan....uhhhh, ?????

    I guess in the "critical thinking" world, wool DOES not burn ??

    God, i need to pass this dumb test.

    haha..another tricky question huh?

    well since they're inside the room..probably use the RACE method. so i agree with enobong, i'll push the fire alarm first. since aunt marlene says..NCLEX is a perfect hospital. you've got plenty of time to do your Nursing . i like this..we're able to post our run thru questions and be able to share it..