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    I have to say that I am both ashamed and appalled by nurses who harrass new staff and co-workers who are willing to work without incurring OT.

    No I do NOT mean the double shifts to replace sick calls, but rather the instances where the schedule has open hours and the more senior (and costlier) staff bully the less senior staff into not taking the shifts so that the manager is forced to offer the shift at premium time, even double time. Now, they are trying to get the union contract changed to allow the more costly nurses to be asked first, even with allready full-time hours, thus creating 12 and 16 hour shifts, 7 days a week sometimes.

    The small rural hospital I work at does everything possible to recruit nurses and if necessary, brings in traveler's to cover open positions. They work hard to provide comparable benefits to all employees and I believe it is a progressive, reasonable nursing administration.

    Despite that, there are several nurses who feel entitled to the double-time and absolutely consider that ANY person who does not enable them to receive their coveted OT is the enemy. We have lost staff to these bullies, and of course, the union protects them. They have been disciplined for their behavior but I have to say that quite a few are afraid to say anything to managers, at all, because of the repercussions. Inevitably they leave which just creates more shortages.

    Wake up folks, the money train is going to end. Perhaps other large facilities can better afford the extra money but this is not a contest to see who makes the most money.

    Nor is it safe for you to work back-to back double-shifts. The fact that you do not recognize how tired you are scares me to death. If you were a truck driver, you would get ticketed, fined, or worse for trying to work the kind of hours you are doing. You are so tired you can't pull your weight with the team and I am afraid you are going to make mistakes so I am nervous just having you on shift.

    I am sure this will be an unpopular post, but quite frankly I am fed up. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to make the money I make, but I did not get into nursing for the money. I try to help out when I can with extra hours, I do not care what the bullies think of me, but I am an old dog, been around more then 25 years as an RN, so not much intimidates ME...but pay attention to what you are doing to your younger colleagues, there IS already a shortage-no need for you to ADD to it!