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    It wasn't so much as I was surprised, but just disappointed. I did poorly on one test which really hurt my grade since there are only the 5 tests and a comprehensive exam. I needed to make an 80 on the exam, which is not too bad, and I ended up making a 78. My teachers were for the most part good teachers. My clinical instructor was wonderful. You have really good ideas. I would love to hear more about exactly how you study, and also how you figure out what your teachers expect. thanks!

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    I know its tough to try your hardest, only to fail. An 85 is doable though, so don't give up! Reassess your study habits, speak with your instructor on what she suggests, etc. Also, I would def. get an NCLEX study guide book. I reccomend Saunders Comprehensive NCLEX Review. It comes with a CD full of questions. I suggest answering the questions that go with the chapters you are being tested on over and over and over. Good Luck and stay strong, You can do it!:wink2:

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    This is my first time posting on this thing! I just really need some advice/comfort/encouragement. I just got my grades back for my med. surg. 1 class. At my school a 75% is passing...I ended up with a 73.39. We started out the semester with 40 something students, and ended up with maybe 20 passing. Thats a 50% failing rate. I was not the only student who was THAT close to passing. Has anyone else been in this situation? Any advice, etc. Thanks so much