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  • Jun 25 '15

    Quote from Spidey's mom
    And that last point makes me happy.
    So you want all our patients that just got health care coverage to lose it? You want our patients to go back to being bankrupted by hospital bills after a catastrophic illness? You want our patients to have to use the ER for primary care?

  • May 31 '15

    I am a Registered Nurse in the U.S. and I would like to relocate to Grenada in the Caribbean. I would like to read any experiences or suggestions anyone may have about working there. Thank You!

  • May 5 '15

    Anyone read this report that compares outcomes for cardiac patients among MD and NPPs? It seems there were no differences in quality of care between MD and NP providers. The study will be published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, although I could not yet find the actual study. Here is the link to the article Routine Heart Care Similar From Nurse Practitioners, Doctors: Study: MedlinePlus

    For this study, investigators evaluated the care of heart patients seen at 130 VA facilities between 2013 and 2014. Nearly 935,000 patients were attended to by physicians, while more than 252,000 were seen by either a nurse practitioner or physician assistant.All had a history of heart attack, stroke, arterial blockage and/or stent surgery. But all were deemed "stable" outpatients during the study time-frame.
    All were seen in a primary care setting (rather than by specialists), and the analysis focused solely on three heart health services: blood pressure monitoring and control; cholesterol control; and statin and beta-blocker prescriptions and adherence.
    Overall, only about 54 percent of patients had all three measures of care appropriately handled, the researchers found.
    "However, in terms of who was attending patients, we saw only small differences in the quality of care here and there, and the differences were not statistically significant," Virani said.
    "While there's clearly a lot of work to be done in terms of improving effective care delivery for all cardiovascular disease patients, the delivery of basic services is comparable among both physicians and non-physicians,"

  • May 5 '15

    I just finished up a paper on NP and MD outcomes and was shocked at the number that showed equivalent outcomes with decreased cost, in pretty much every parameter.

  • May 5 '15
  • May 5 '15

    To anyone who wants a reason not to take the shot, please use the search function and read through the scientific evidence presented in favor of the vaccine. There is so much misinformation, hype, and conspiracy theory out there.

  • May 5 '15

    Nope. There is no evidence that it reduces our risk of being carriers and the flu vaccine was only 54% effective in previous years (2012, I think), per the WHO.

  • May 5 '15

    I have never gotten the flu EVER. I haven't been sick in the past two years including regular colds. I took this flu shot this past October to not fuss with my nursing school but I really hope they stop mandating these shots. There is no conclusive evidence these shots work to decrease the spread of the flu and what ever happened to trusting the good old immune system. I believe In letting your body to its Job on its own until it can thus conventional medicine. I'm 22 never get headaches or anything. I haven't taken an Advil in over 5 years. Kind of sad il be forced to take these shots as a nurse.

  • May 5 '15

    It's personal. To each their own. It is required at my job so I do.

  • May 5 '15

    I believe it is pointless. By the time we get vaccinated for the season needed the flu has mutated into different version so the vaccine becomes needles waste of extra chemicals that are bad for your body... I got so sick last time I got one for 2 weeks... I don't know I wish we discover a better way to boost our immune system or else my body gonna progress an allergy towards it...

  • May 5 '15

    I wish i had the option to not get it

  • May 5 '15

    Hi, thanks Healthy Nurse for your response. Couldn't have said it better myself. You said what I wanted to say but did not know how to say it. Here I am on the Holistic Nursing forum and just about everyone thinks I am crazy for not being excited about my organization forcing me to take the flu vaccine. You would think this question was asked on General Nursing discussion or something. Thanks to everyone for leaving your feedback. I now have some ideas for less toxic alternatives of the flu vaccine.

  • May 5 '15

    Even "preservative-free" flu shots are full of toxins. Thimersol is not the only concern. Check out this link to learn what is really in a flu vaccine: Vaccine Ingredients Calculator

    As far as effectiveness of the flu shot, there have been no conclusive studies that show the flu shot is effective at preventing the flu or complications from the flu. Look up the Cochrane reviews on flu vaccinations. Studies that do demonstrate effectiveness are suspect because the research is conducted by the pharmaceutical companies, which obviously have a vested interest in selling flu vaccines. From the Cochrane review: "Studies funded from public sources were significantly less likely to report conclusions favorable to the vaccines. The review showed that reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions and spurious notoriety of the studies. The content and conclusions of this review should be interpreted in light of this finding."

  • May 5 '15

    I've been in the medical field for 20+ years, I've never received the vaccine and have never had the flu. Maybe I have a great immune system, even when my kids would get the flu I never got it or maybe it's because I'm OCD about hand hygiene.

  • May 5 '15

    Here's a form of CAM that's been proven to work - millions of people use it everyday. There's also lots of promising research being done currently about yoga for cancer/cancer recovery, stress, depression, anxiety, smoking cessation, muscular problems, and pain. Check it out!

    Yoga as a Complementary Health Approach | NCCAM

    Mind and Body Approaches for Smoking Cessation: A Review | NCCAM

    Integrative medicine, or CAM, doesn't have to take the place of conventional medicine - it should be a combination of both forms. It's important to highlight that Americans are actively seeking out "alternative treatments or therapies" more than ever before. Many herbs can have interactions with prescription medications. As health care providers, we need to be knowledgeable about these interactions. It's ignorant to think that we shouldn't educate ourselves about something even if we don't agree with it.

    Yes, there are more studies that need to be done to prove the efficacy of specific forms of CAM... and that is EXACTLY what's currently happening. Most people would be surprised at the information out there, if they actually took the time to look into current research.