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    ADN or BSN may make a big difference depending upon where you want to work. I graduated from college in 1982 & went to work in a university trauma center. I received a higher salary because of having a BSN but there were, & still are, many bedside positions (critical care) that are BSN preferred. If you choose the ADN route, I just recommend that you earn your BSN as soon as possible. I would think the longer you wait, the harder it will be to go back to school.

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    I understand how you feel about wanting to expand your knowledge by earning your Master's degree. I'm researching what opportunities exist to do the same. It's become a personal goal for me although I don't forsee making a job change once I earn my Master's (I'm a clinical research nurse). That raises the question, is it worth all the time & money just to put MSN after my name??? I just don't know & that's where I wrestle. What do you think of the on-line programs...University of Phoenix, Drexler, etc? The negative, I assume, is that a Master's from one of these programs would not be acceptable for admission to a PhD program but I doubt seriously I would ever pursue a PhD. Yet, who knows? I didn't think I would pursue a Master's! As you, I'm not looking for anyone to make a decision for me. I just need to thrash around ideas & hear about what others did to help me sort through what is best for me.

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    I haven't joined a medical mission trip but I'm currently looking for one. Does anyone know of any trips to sites in the US?