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    I totally agree with you-Care homes suffer the same issues. Within my ex residential home of 15 patients, there were only 2 carers on at a time (a girl to every 8) but our owner often would scout hospitals for the nearly dying, spewing nonsense about "wouldn't your relative rather pass away peacefully in a comfortable room rather than a hospital bed?" and the 2 untrained unqualified carers would have to try and take care of not only 14 completely dependant service users, but try and give extra care to this other person who would require 2 of us for everything, leaving the floor completely empty of staff. Not to mention, this peaceful send off was just that-we could spare about 2 minutes to make sure they had a clean pad and had drunk in the past hour before we would have to rush off, leaving them completely alone in a far away room lying on a bed with nothing but a tv or radio for hours at a time. It was completely soul destroying. But-the ratio was up to standards for a residential home. I would love to see your research after you've done your project.