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  • Apr 4 '08

    This makes me feel better when I write with solutions...

    Thank you,

  • Apr 4 '08

    Hi All

    I am taking a nursing research class and we have to do a paper on a topic that we may deem problematic. I chose to do something in regards to the nurse patient ratio and nurse burnout. At my place of employment the ratios are based on numbers as opposed to acuity. With the world changing and people living longer with certain illness, I feel ratios based on acuity is more appropiate. to get the point, I am having a bit of problem with my search online for journal articles and things of that nature. I dont know if I am searching for the wrong thing or in the wrong place. I need to critique an article as well as do a proposal ont he topic. Can you please direct in me in the right direction as far as my search is concerned and where I can get some good information to complete my assignements.

    Thanks in advance, Cina