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    Cheers to this! I'm graduated from an ABSN program in 2010 six years after earning my BA in urban studies. I originally intended to become an architect but soured on that...between the cost and time investment of schooling, the terrible job market and the fact that working in architecture is about 90% business/sales/marketing and only 10% design, architecture was not for me. I LOVE being a nurse. But I do NOT love my loans, and I envy my colleagues who are LPNs or LPN-to-RNs, because they do pretty much all the same stuff that I do, have pretty much the same knowledge base, earn nearly the same amount of money, and almost all of them pay all their schooling down without debt (the ones who are in RN programs, that is). I 100% agree that pushing skill-set and trade knowledge to the side in favor of everyone getting a BA or BS is completely contrary to how we should be structuring our country's education system. Trades are vital to our system, and the LPN is specifically vital to healthcare...and should be celebrated as such!

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    Quote from 1lpn2rn
    hi, i had the same problem. Are you from Chicago?
    Also, HUGS if you're feeling the same frustration I am!

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    It's frustrating, but use it as a learning experience. Does your school have a career office where you can talk through some of your responses to see if you're waving some major red flags?
    Unfortunately I can't see the test anymore. I didn't make myself look like a superhero, but I thought I answered fairly while minimizing my flaws. Which are real, because I'm a) a new grad (so I probably need 6 months-2 years to get super comfortable with a given skill set) and b) I'm a real human being. I also happen to think I'm a nice person, an awesome employee and a good nursing student, and I think all my references would all agree. My school's career office is great, but I can't imagine how they can help me without going through and handpicking the answers with me while I take the test, since I can't see it again. For six months.

    I gotta say, the test didn't ask anything about how I'd rank my honesty or integrity. I guess that's not part of an ideal patient experience?

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    Quote from 1lpn2rn
    hi, i had the same problem. Are you from Chicago?
    Hi, yes I am. I bet you know what big hospital conglomerate I'm talking about.

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    so i just completed one of those online job assessment things from a link sent to my mailbox, and this is what i got:

    [color=#7d7d3c]thank you for completing xxx's patient experience profile. candidates must receive a passing score in order to continue in the selection process. at this time, you will not move forward in the selection process for positions that have patient contact. you will be eligible to re-take this assessment in 6 months. until then, you may apply for a position that does not require patient contact.

    thank you!

    um, what the heck? i answered honestly, instead of picking what the computer might be geared to think of as best. the only question that i thought made me look genuinely bad was one regarding showing my emotions under stress. quite frankly i have the opposite of a poker face - i show everything! as i get more comfortable in a job, though, i generally show very few signs of stress, even when work gets tough. and i'm confident i can learn to handle tough jobs & be prepared for anything, given a small amount of time and supportive training.

    basically, i can't think of any reason why any human reference would not recommend me, but i didn't pimp myself out as "outstanding," merely "above average" - maybe that was a reason?

    also, yes i've been late to work once in the past year - never to clinical.

    basically, whatever i answered that is so terrible to patients is true - it's not going to change in six months. my character traits are what they are. so apparently i should never be allowed to see patients?

    i'm just really really frustrated that whatever this program is, it doesn't reward honesty in answering, and doesn't give anyone a second chance - for six months! every question i wanted to have a little box to explain my answer (as one would in an interview). no chance for that now.

    am i really that terrible of a person that i shouldn't be a nurse? patient contact is what i live for! and i think my honesty is one of my best traits, with coworkers or with patients! i'm just so crushed and angry that i can't reapply for jobs with this hospital for six months, all because of a stupid computer meme that i treated like a human who might be willing to listen to my answers, instead of a computer that's looking for a perfect candidate with no human flaws.

    well, that's b.s. - and if this hospital only wants to hire liars, fakes and imaginary people, i guess i shouldn't reapply.

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    I tried NCSBN first for three weeks, being a cheapskate...and hated it. Could not bring myself to focus on the material at all, and felt like it lead me all over the place. By the time I got my approval & could schedule an exam I felt nowhere near ready and my NCSBN was about to expire, so I decided to try Hurst online, as it was still cheaper than Kaplan (which lots of people also rate highly). I found the focus on "back to basics" at Hurst helpful in keeping my mind straight on test questions, and the lecture format was useful - I'd listen to the lectures first with her materials, then again while doing yoga or cooking dinner, to keep my recall sharp. I did Hurst for a little under 2 weeks then took her practice exam, then took NCLEX the next day - passed at 75! If you have the attention span to focus on NCSBN, I'd do that or combine it with a book, but Hurst was helpful for me when I was in the doldrums and paralyzed with test anxiety. Whatever review keeps you motivated is the best one for you!

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    Accelerated B.S.N. - it's a 12-16 month condensed version of the last two years of a traditional B.S.N. offered at some schools (mostly private ones). It's open only to students who already have a B.A. or a B.S. in another field.

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    I got my call from Megan (sp?) this afternoon - I'm in too! I went out in the snowstorm for a celebratory dinner, but the news still hasn't sunk in... I'm sure it will come May! I'm assuming everyone else who's hearing this week worked as hard as I did for this - congrats to all of us, we deserve it! I can't wait to meet all you guys this spring!

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    Hi ChristyPortland,

    In response to your question: I have a 4.0 in my prereqs but a 3.27 in my first BA (albeit that was from a pretty competitive school). So GPA does matter, but I'm guessing a well-rounded application also makes a difference.

    I also only have organic chem & intro psych left next semester. I know the Community College I'm using in the Chicago area offers org chem as a one-semester following basic chem 105 (or two semester basic chem 121-122) with a grade of C or higher. Do you have a 100-level college chem course on your record? Maybe it might make sense to move out here early and take the class in the Chicago area...just a thought...

    (FYI - my CC is Oakton Community college, but I believe many other Chicago-area CCs offer a similar one-semester org chem. Loyola's webpage has a list of equivalent courses in the Chicago area, I think?)

    Good luck! Hopefully the US mail is just taking its time traveling to Oregon...:wink2:

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    Welcome Network2Networth! I think the wait is getting crazy for everyone now. I know I've totally checked out the blogs too - I've got a lot more downtime for some reason at the end of this semester, so there's little to do but browse the internet and daydream about next year! (Yeah, daydreaming about school - what a nerd!)

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    Thanks tcbsmph and lizzle818! My fingers are crossed - I hope you hear some good news soon!

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    Quote from Asherah

    FYI, last year phone calls were made around December 8th or 9th, definitely earlier than the 15th. I can try to ask around and see if they'll tell me anything about dates, but likely not.
    Hi Asherah - I know you're BSN/MSN at JHU, so I'm not sure if your experience is the same as those just applying for the ABSN program. Do you happen to know if everyone gets acceptance phone calls, or just those applying to the combined BSN/MSN program? I know I haven't gotten an interview call but that's not unusual since I'm just applying for the ABSN. I'm also curious because I did just get an acceptance letter from the other ABSN program that I applied to this fall - however, my heart's still set on Hopkins. (I am not a patient person, alas!)

    Thanks for your help! Good luck everyone!

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    Hi - I have not completed all prerequisites so I applied regular admission to Loyola, though I sent in my applications well before the due date (very beginning of September). In any case I just wanted to report that I did get a letter yesterday saying I was accepted to the ABSN program at Loyola, so they are beginning to send out acceptances for regular admission. (FYI if you're curious - Loyola isn't my top school, but I've only applied to two, so if I don't get in at my other school I will probably be there May 2009.)

    Good luck everyone!

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    I've only applied for the accelerated BSN 2009 (sent in the app in Sept) - I can't decide whether to go on for my MSN yet! But yeah, fingers crossed for JHU next year.

    Are you applying for the one-year or two-year BSN portion with MSN?

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    Thanks Asherah and Byrd262! Man, I'm so glad Google found this thread for me! Just talking to real nursing students is so reassuring.

    Asherah: I totally agree with you regarding having a well-rounded application, and that furthermore volunteering specifically in a hospital is just a good idea anyway to get a personal feel of the working environment for nurses anyway. I haven't heard back from my local hosp. about my volunteer application yet but I'm hoping I'll have enough time between that, prereq. coursework and part-time work this summer! I'll definitely give the JHU admissions contacts you recommend a call, too - it would be great to go over my transcripts NOW before I apply in November.

    Byrd262: It's definitely helpful to know that the courses DON'T have to be all completed by the app. date! The thing that confused me on JHU's website was the phrase "before enrollment", and the fact that the other ABSN program I'm looking at won't accept early decision candidates unless they have completed ALL prereqs (and their list is longer than JHU's!). I'm already taking Anatomy/Physiology I and loving it, and looking forward to the second half this summer. It IS pretty challenging, though, even at the community college level!

    Good luck with school in 2008 everyone!