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    Quote from IntlNurse2Be
    One of my recommendation letters was left out of the envelope when it was sent to Yale which caused my application to be considered late (the person who sent in the letter took a month to re-send). So, I am in the second round of potential candidates - I have heard that IF there are openings - I know that is highly unlikely - but if there are, then we will receive interview notices sometime in February.

    Thank you for the help - it is nice to see everyone looking out for each other. This is yet another reason why I know I have made the right decision in becoming a nurse!

    I've seen your posts before May_baby. Did you have your interview yesterday?
    Intl Nurse,

    Did you ever find out if there was space in the second round?? I just wonder because that is what happened to me also and I am so sad and just hoping that they will consider my application. Any advice would be SO helpful!

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    Hello all,

    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about second round applications. One of my transcripts arrived late and I was totally devastated because I am currently in sub-Saharan africa and it was really hard for me to get my stuff in.

    Angela said that they only consider applications if there is space after April 1st. Does anyone know the odds of this happening and how it works?

    I would seriously appreciate any information at all. I am so stressed out and sad because I know that I want to go to Yale and I tried my best to make it happen.

    Thank you all in advance and congrats to those that are on their way!!