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    It so sooo nice to hear this from fellow nurses. I absolutely agree with all of your suggestions and insights. It trully just boils down to remaining HUMAN even when what is expected of you is SUPERHUMAN.
    Thank you for sharing!!!!

    Sincerely Enfermera33

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    Are there any nurses out there curious about intergrative healthcare? More and more people are looking for more natural remedies and I feel we should have the option in our training to learn more of the different modalities that are more savvy patients seem to find for chronic health problems. Please share your thoughts and opinions.

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    You're NOT 82!!!!!! Go for the gusto, Godspeed!!!!
    I became a nurse at 30 and have no regrets.
    I absolutely looooooove what I do.

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    Nazareth College in Rochester NY has a great program specifically for LPN to BSN RN. Check out