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    I will be moving to Northern California, the San Francisco to Santa Rosa area. Can anyone tell me what hospital is the best to work for. I am currently a manager in the OR. Any help would be great.

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    I was told when I entered my OR program that I would not be comfortable for a year. Don't give up or leave, ask them how you can improve. Ask your manager to have the pick lists updated and have someone show you how they find things quickly. Our center core LOOKS like a big mess but when someone explained the layout such as all laparoscopic stuff here, all general stuff there, vascular down there, hands, eyes, totals etc. it made sense. Tell them you want more time in orientation. I have been a nurse for 15 years and I am getting 6 months. For a new grad to get only 3 months is crazy. Do you think that the people that work there, doctors included where completely with it 3 months out of school? Again, don't give up, ask for more time, tell them you will take their criticisms but if they do they have to show you a way to improve.

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    Just wanted to let you know that I too always wanted to do OR. I was in L&D for 14 years and applied for various programs throughout the years and had the same reaction. No one wanted to hire me without the M/S experience. So then I got creative. A Preop position came open and I applied and got it. Your IV skills from L&D will be greatly appreciated in Preop. The director over Preop is the same over the OR. I told her from the beginning the OR was where I wanted to be. After a year in Preop she transferred me to the OR and I am currently doing my 6 month orientation and loving every minute of it. Our program also has 5 new grads in it. A year in Preop beats a year in M/S. Another plus was that in Preop I was working with the Surgeons and Nurses from the OR so when I transferred they all already knew me. I am transitioning better than the other orientees because of that.
    Lots of Luck to you:wink2: