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    Anyone going to the April 14-18 conference in Orange Beach, AL?

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    Hi all! I'm a new member but must admit, I've been a lurker for a few years now. I am a med/surg-telemetry nurse at a 25 bed critical access hospital. I have worked as an RN for 6 years. I work 12 hour night it! We have a pediatrician, an orthopedic surgeon, a general surgeon and a pulmonologist on staff along with our general MD's, so we too have a diverse census. I have been offered transfers to ER and other departments, which is usually the norm after 1 year of m/s, but I've always declined. I do on occasion float to other departments, but m/s is and always will be my first love. When I go into report, I never know what kind of patients I will be assigned, and I guess I'm just addicted to that element of surprise!