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    I went from mother/baby to NICU and I'm so glad I did. I LOVED being a mother/baby nurse and I do miss parts of it, but I really like the NICU. I like taking care of sick babies and seeing them improve, grow, and go home. I also like getting to know the families over a long period of time.

    It's definitely been an adjustment and I've had to re-learn so much that I forgot after working in mother/baby straight out of nursing school. There is definitely more critical thinking involved and it's been challenging. The one thing I will say about switching - I do not like the feeling of not knowing my job well, yet. I went from being a very knowledgable, proficient mother/baby nurse to feeling like a brand new nurse again.

    I say, go for it! If you end up not liking the NICU, you can always go back to postpartum. You may not have another opportunity to get into the NICU if you pass this one up. I suppose it depends on where you live or where you are willing to move, but it can be very difficult to get into the NICU. I feel like you'll never know if you dont' try. You might even be able to float to a postpartum unit while working in the NICU.

    Good luck with whatever you decide :-)

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    I am moving to Washington in May and my goal is to begin working in the NICU. I currently work on a mother/baby unit and love it, but I'm ready to move the the NICU when we move!! I would love to make some connections and network with NICU nurses, managers, etc. before we arrive. I'll be looking at Providence in Olympia, Tacoma General, Madigan, and at Good Samaritan. Please feel free to PM me if you can help . Thanks!!

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    Quote from tokmom
    Check out the hospital and look them up by union.

    Here are hospitals covered by SEIU1199NW

    Chapters | SEIU Healthcare 1199NW

    Labor Relations - Washington State Nurses Association
    Thank you!!

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    Thanks to everyone who has done the survey or tried to do it. I really appreciate it!! I work the next three days so I'm going to leave it open until my next day off in case anyone else happens upon the thread.

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    Quote from KelRN215
    Add me to the list of people who can't answer these questions. Haven't ever worked somewhere that used hand-written orders.
    Thanks anyway! That must be nice!!! Some of our floors are going to CPOE but we aren't there yet We have electronic charting for the nurses and our secretary enters orders (for labs, supplies, etc) that the doctor orders, but for medications - those are still written (poorly) by hand.

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    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose
    I can't answer almost any of your questions. We use Epic, so no handwritten orders. Because the surgeons are scrubbed, if they give me a verbal order I enter it in Epic and they sign it after surgery. When I'm giving meds, the patient is already asleep, so I can't ask name/DOB. Do always check allergies. Documentation gets done at some point during the surgery- I also document some of the meds that anesthesia gives, so it's usually after the fact because I have to ask, they never remember to tell me. Also, we don't document some of the meds used until surgery is complete, especially local (some given as an intercostal block before closing, some given as subcutaneous block during closing). The OR is a unique environment when it comes to medications, as some are given by anesthesia, some are given by the RN, some are given by the person running the cardiopulmonary bypass machine, and some are given by the PA.
    That's very interesting and definitely a different set of circumstances! Thanks for sharing. I've never worked in an OR so I never really thought about that. It amazes me how in one profession (like nursing) things can vary so much - that's one thing I love about nursing - the opportunities are endless!

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    Quote from mmccluskey
    Answered the survey for you! Good luck in your classes
    Thank you!

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    Quote from blondy2061h
    We don't allow hand written orders at all any more, so I can't answer the first two questions. We do bar code scanning so 4&6 don't apply to me either.
    We also do barcode scanning, but I still have to ask my patient's name and DOB (they might have the wrong band on).

    Out of curiosity, you don't chart the meds after you give them? I've only ever worked at one hospital so I only know our system - we scan and ID the patient, scan the meds and then hit "chart" on the computer in the system.

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    Quote from LYNDAA
    Verbal orders are not allowed at our facility unless it is in a code situation.
    They aren't at mine either, but that doesn't mean they don't happen :-) Personally, I won't take them but I know some do.

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    I agree - I added that so it will be there for anyone else who completes the survey. :-) Thank you for the suggestions :-)

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    Quote from lub dub
    Do you need to supply any sort of information about the respondents to this survey? I realize that this is anonymous, but you don't even know if the people filling it out are RNs, LPNs, nursing students...
    I thought about that but we should all be following the same rules like checking patient ID, etc. I'm more concerned about what nurses in general are doing, as opposed to their title like RN, etc. At least that was my thinking. Thanks for the suggestion though! :-)

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    Quote from imintrouble
    I attempted to fill out your survey, but being night shift, the first two questions almost never happen to me.
    Sorry. I tried.
    Thanks anyway :-)

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    I hadn't planned on it, but I will

    Quote from ~miss_mercy_me
    Will you be posting results? Yes???
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    I'm working on a project for my RN-BSN class about medication administration safety. I've created a short survey (6 questions) and would love if some of you wouldn't mind responding. It's completely anonymous and I would really appreciate some responses!

    Here is the link:

    Thank you in advance!!