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    I think the question that ntg asked is unbeliveable!!! Do you want a paramedic working on your loved one? Well let me remind ntg, if you ever call 911, you will most likely get a paramedic and/or emt. And the day they save you or your loved one's life, maybe you will realize the importance of the paramedic/emt. As a paramedic and a nurse, I know the importance of both education and experience. Because of my background in both fields, I can say that there are both good and bad paramedic's and nurse's. Depending on the competency of the person, that is who I would want taking care of me (not because of the initial's after the person's name)! Nurse's need to stop feeling threatened by the paramedic in the ER, ICU or CCU. I know many doctor's that would rather have me assisting them in the ER (because of my paramedic experience) than any other nurse. I think every nurse who is interested in critical care (ER or floor), should be required to have their paramedic licensure or have prehospital experience!!