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    Quote from NICUnewgrad
    Should I just leave my car back east and try to get a place to live that's close to the hospital? Do you know of anyone renting out a room in their home in the area? One bedroom apartments in that area were around 1,000$ and I definitely can't afford that. Thanks.
    Totally look at Craigslist. Rooms to share. I feel like a lot of people will be looking for roommates soon as a bunch of students graduate/leave the area. You should to be able to find something closer to the $600 - $700 range if you don't mind taking a roommate. OB/PB/La Jolla are going to be expensive without a roommate. Good luck again.

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    I traveled to UCSD ISCC (NICU) and loved it. The people there were super nice, and I felt like I was apart of a team. The new grads while I was there got to take care a lot of the acute babies (which I think is great experience) and the preceptors are excellent. I wish I would've stayed there to travel. It was a great experience. I was housed in La Jolla UTC area, and the travel to work was like 15 minutes, maybe in traffic. From OB, you'd just take the I-8, and should have no problems. Parking is expensive, but if you end up on night shift it's less than half from day shift, and totally worth it, AND totally tax deductible. Hillcrest is a pain in the butt to park in, so I would suggest buying the parking pass. Take your car to So. Cal, it's fun to drive up the I-5 to other parts of So. Cal, and you won't regret it. Good luck, and who knows, maybe I'll see you there in a travel experience.