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    Hello, I have been out of the loop for a while. I think I need some support from others. I was a medical assistant and working (very nasty administrator), I then had to dtop working and take care of my mother who was ailing at the time. My husband is very supportive and thank goodness. I took care of her for 2 years. To the hospital, day or night (thank the lord she only lived 5 miles from me) Back on track, should I continue to go through nursing school for LPN/LVN? I would like to but I am feeling stuck, I lost my mom on Sept. 11, 2007 and I am still sick but I want to go on with my life. I did my best.

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    [quote=studentnurse67;2732223]Welcome, Everyone!

    I'm so glad we have our own "space"!

    I am on "spring break" this week from my 15 month-long LPN program. I have 2 quarters to go and it's uphill all the way!

    We've had one quarter of med-surg clinicals, but didn't get much experience d/t holidays and only one day of clinicals per week. Next quarter, we do pediatrics and maternity.

    I am 40 years old, married for 18 1/2 years and have two children ages 12 and 15. This is my second career.

    I look forward to getting to know all of you and helping to support each other thorugh our journeys![/quote Hello I am also 40 and am going back and forth with the idea of Lpn school. I have no children yet, but a great husband. I have gone through Medical Assisting training and their is not much out there. I need some advice if I should go on with it?

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    Is anyone going to attend Dover Business School in New Jersey? If so, could you tell me how much is the program and do you like it?


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    What is the difference between a LPN and a MA?

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    Yes lpn's are being phased out, that is why I don't understand the nursing shortage, which there isn't one?

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    I am replying to your ad, yes LPN"s are only limited to handing out med's for Nursing homes. After all that school, what a waste? Try to get another job? Good Luck?