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    I am 59 and starting into an accelerated BSN program. My friends think I am crazy. I had just finished in 2005 certification to teach science. The kids were terrible, administration terrible, etc. Does anyone think I will get a job after I am done going on 61.

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    I am trying to figure out how to get into the forum. I am returning to school into the accelerated program for BSN. I would be turning 61 when I graduate. In 2005 I returned to school after a long career as a paralegal. I earned a certification to teach H.S. science in physics, chemistry and biology. The kids were terrible, plus the parents and the administration. After one year that was enough for me. I am contemplating nursing because I have been working as a social worker (my first degree was psychology) for the last eight months. What I did not like was the turnover in long care nursing home ownership which made me feel unsecure about my job. I did not want to get masters in SW. I love working with the residents so I have decided to go into nursing because I thought I would have job security and choices later about part-time work.
    Am I crazy to think I can get a job. Some of my friends are discouraging me because they think I will be considered too hold to hire.