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    Here is the website where you can download the application for New York.

    I am not sure about the other states so I can't enlighten you about them. I think Texas requires that you have the locals. California and Vermont does not require the local boards like New York.

    Application for New York takes an entire 6 months to complete (even more if your school is slow to forward required documents), so make sure you follow up.


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    I am from the Philippines, too. I suggest you apply for the state of New York. The license is renewable online after 3 years. I don't think you are required an SSN before you could renew. Also, you don't need the local boards to be able to apply.

    It is way easier to get reciprocity to any other state when you are licensed in New York, in my opinion.

    You cannot get a valid SSN unless you have proper paperwork to stay here in the U.S. It is not granted to people under tourists visas, much more to those who are outside the U.S.

    You can get an SSN if you have a working permit, a permanent resident or a U.S. citizen.

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    Oooh, I am very interested in Public Health. I have a B.S. in Public Health before I went to Nursing. I don't see any postings for a Public Health nurse anywhere, though.

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    No fingerprinting needed for NY.

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    I believe there will always be nursing shortage. But I don't think this economy can accommodate the shortage right now. I am a new grad who just passed the NCLEX and damn, is it hard!

    I am about to take anything just to get my feet wet. This certainly is not what I expected after graduating but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do

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    I is not the time to give up. Keep your hopes up.

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    I pmed you my email..really appreciate it!

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    For New York, it's not an exam (credential verification only). For other states requiring CERTIFICATION, i believe it's an actual exam.

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    Quote from j.marie
    hi im really confused does new jersey need nle??? before you can take the nclex??coz i graduated in the philippines and moved here without taking the local board.. and i also want to know if i haveto take the cgfns eventhough im a us citizen???....hope you guys can help me thanxx
    the cgfns is for those who graduated outside the u.s. so yes, even if you are a u.s. citizen, you need to go through their verification/certification. my husband is a citizen and i am a permanent resident and we both had to go through it because we were educated in the phils.

    it takes a while, probably 6 months or more before the whole process is completed so i suggest you start asap.

    new jersey requires cgfns certification (which requires the nle). new york does not because it has its own cgfns verification service, which does not require the nle.

    hope that helps.:d

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    great! thanks for the info!

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    Yes I have. I took it last Feb 17. With a lot of prayers and a little bit of luck, I passed in my first try. You can do it, too

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    my scores only ranged from 67-78%. i passed the test with 75 questions. have a little faith in yourself

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    I think you should be good. (in terms of credentials). That's what my CGFNS info was saying when everything is fine and info has already been transmitted to the BON of the State I applied to.

    A week after report has been submitted, if I remember correctly, I think I received my ATT.:wink2:

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    Hello there! Do you guys know of any hospitals that accept newly grads?

    I have a BSN and just passed the NCLEX for the State of NY 2 weeks ago. Been job-hunting ever since and no good results yet. I have no hospital experience here in the U.S. and just came from the Philippines... most hospital websites require at least 1 year of experience.

    I do need a job, ASAP.

    Will really appreciate any input...

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    I was aiming for 80% all the time...but got around to just making mostly around 70-ish percent%...or sometimes even only above 60% on bad days...

    I passed the exam at 75 questions....

    My husband never had the patience, though. He always always gets 50% (maybe he's plain lazy or something....)...but he passed at 80 questions in the NCLEX.